Gotz, Steiff, Pleasant Company, and American Girl have long held a common geneology. Gotz was a affiliate company to Steiff and American Girl in it's early years reaped some of the rewards in it's product line because of it. In 1994 Miss AG bear was introduced. She was a 16 inch bear with joints that moved. She was soft and huggable and looked much the same as the Bitty Bear did in it's early productions she also fell in with much of the same quality of a Steiff product.

Seven outfits were produced and released throught the bears life time until about 1996. Often times people miss that outfits were for a bear and not a doll. Most were fully interchangeable in size with the regular doll line. Dressed bears were $28.oo and outfits ranged in prices.

Miss AG Bear-
AGBR $18

A snuggly friend, the official mascot of American Girl magazine, this adorable teddy has bright button eyes, soft velvet paws, and posable arms and legs.

Meet Miss AG Bear Outfit-

Miss AG bear comes out is style! Outfit includes a denim skirt, and a maroon vest. Top her off with the right accessories of a bucket hat with sunflower, an AG watch, a mini American Girl magazine, and a backpack to hold all her goodies!

Warm-Up Outfit-

Miss AG is ready for her workout in this two piece warm up outfit in pink and yellow. Add her whistle and she is ready to hit the field or the track with you!

Sailor Suit-

Winter Parka-

Brrrrrr Bear-y it's cold outside! Dress Miss AG bear in this purple quilted parka. Don't forget to put on her black pants and black turtle-neck shirt. Put on her purple ski cap for the perfect finishing touch.

Miss AG Beach Bear Wear-
AGBA $14

Miss AG Bear's in the swim in a black bathing suit with blooming blossoms on it. Stretch her out on her beach towel emblazoned with the American Girl logo, and her bear-y own sunglasses and visor.

Satin Holiday P.J.'s-
These adorable festive jammies made of red satin and trimmed with white pipeing. It includes a top bottoms and a red satin headband with bow.

Miss AG Bear Slumber Shirt
AGBN $10

Miss AG Bear is all ready for a slumber party with you! Dress her in this turquoise nightshirt and headband and you will be ready for a night of sweet dreams.

Soft N' Shiny Outfit-

Dress Miss AG Bear for a party in this bright pink satin shirt with faux rhinestone buttons. Slip on her black felt jumper and top her off with a black headband with a bow and rhinestones.