Bitty Baby
Here's a little American Girl to love with tenderness and care And her cuddly, furry friend whose name is Bitty Bear.The cutest baby doll you've ever seen, Bitty Baby is soft and huggable with eyes that open and close. She comes in a cozy cotton sleeper with an embroidered lace-trimmed yoke. Bitty arrives with Bitty Bear, an adorable 5 inch honey plush bear with posable arms and legs. Bitty Baby is 15 inches tall and has a soft, cloth body with arms, legs and head all made of vinyl.

Holiday Set:
BWS $20
Fa la la la la, La la, La, La! Deck out Bitty baby for the holidays in her festive dress and holly-trimmed headband. Add party shes and socksand baby looks fancy from head to toe. Doll up Bitty Bear in a lacy collar and satin hairbow. Hang the velveteen stocking on the mantel, and slip in the pretend cany cane. Bitty Bear's Winter Fun is a colouring book that comes complete with a set of four crayons.

*Set re-introduced in 1999*

BFS $20
Bitty Baby will be toasty warm dressed as her favorite friend in her bear costume with an orange gingham bow. Put all the treats she collects in her Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin pail. Include a mask for Bitty Bear to join in the fun! Colouring book and crayons also included.


Special Occasion Set
BSPS $22
A grand event to attend? Dress up Bitty Baby in dainty eyelet gown, and put on her bonnet with matching scalloped trim. Pretty up Bitty Bear in a lacy bonnet, too. Bitty Bear's Family Album features a mini mirror for primping.
Travel Adventure Set:
BGS $22
Off on a Trip! Bundle up Bitty Baby in her cozy knit sweater and bonnet trimmed with a Taffeta Bow. A knot bonnet keeps Bitty Bear warm. There's a zoom-zoom car with a pop-up bear. Follow along in a Bitty Bear Takes a Trip, a fold-out book complete with a mini map.

Bitty Breakfast Set:
BFDS $20
Get Set for Breakfast by putting bitty bite bibs on Bitty Baby and Bitty Bear. Set their table with a spoon, cup, and bowl. What's on the menu? Yummy Bitty O's and a jar of pretty pears- pretend, of course. Read about tasty treats in the scratch and sniff book, Bitty bear's Tasty Treats.

Baby's Booster Chair:
BEC $22
Did you hear Bitty Baby's tummy growl? It's time to eat. Sit Bitty Baby and Bitty Bear in the sturdy plastic chair. Slide on the removeable tray- a perfect place to put all their favorite treats right within reach.

Thank You Kit_Girl!

**See above**

Fun in the Sun Set
BPS $24
Bitty Baby loves to play outside! Dress her in a crisp white blouse, checked overalls, and white shoes and socks. Both Baby and Bear have sun hats! Play all day with six bright blocks and a book, Bitty Bear at Play.

Little Red Wagon
BWG $18
See the neighborhood sights with Bitty Bear and Bitty Baby in tow. They love riding in this sturdy plastic wagon.
*See above*
Lullaby Basket:
BLS $68
Tuck Bitty Baby into this enchating beribboned basket. It comes complete with a fleecy blanket, sa soft mattress, a lace-trimmed pillow, a musical heart that plays a gentle lullaby, and Bitty Bear's Bedtime book.
Bitty baby Carrier:
BBDC $12
Places to go? Make it a trio. Snuggle Bitty Baby close in this handy red denim carrier. No need to leave Bear behind. There's a little pocket that's just her size.
Bitty Baby's Suitcase:
BRC $30
This sturdy rattan suitcase has room for your favorite Bitty baby outfits. It's lined with plaid gingham and has a pocket for accessories.

Note: in 1999 price increased $32
BST $18
With a stroller for Bitty baby, you can be a girl on the go! Tuck in Bitty Bear , and you're ready for any adventure-around the block, to town, or wherever your heart takes you. When you're done, you can collapse the stroller for easy storage.


Happy Birthday Set
BBS $24
Bitty Baby's decked out in a charming party dress, bloomers, socks, pink shoes, and a flower-topped headband. Bitty Bear has a fancy headband and collar. The wind-up cake plays "Happy Birthday," and there are more surprises in the pop-up book, Bitty Bear's Birthday. Doll and bear sold separately.

For Dress Up!:
Includes pink T-strap shoes, red patent Mary Jane shoes, two pairs of dainty dress socks for special occasions.