Sailing Set
BXS $24

Life's a breeze for Bitty Baby in a ship-shape dress of seersucker chambray. It has a sailor collar tied with a red bow and comes with matching bloomers, blue deck shoes, and white anklet socks. Both Baby and Bear have white pique sailor hats trimmed with red braid. Pull the string on the little sailboat and watch it glide across the water. The coloring book, Bitty Bear Sets Sail, comes with a set of four markers!

Travel Set
BUS $24

Bitty Baby joins the jet set in a cozy turquoise fleece jacket, hat, and scarf. Bitty Bear has a scarf just like Baby’s, too! To help the miles fly by, entertain them with a zoom-zoom car with a pop-up bear. Follow along in Bitty Bear Takes a Trip, a foldout book with a mini map. Doll and bear sold separately.

Wild Things Set
BZS $24
Dress Bitty Baby for an animal-watching adventure in bib overalls, a long-sleeved shirt, shoes, socks, and sunglasses. There's a baseball cap for Bitty Bear, a set of playful nesting penguins, and Bitty Bear's Zoo Fun, a slide-and-peek book. Doll and bear sold separately.

Halloween Set:
BFS $22
Scare up some fun with a pumpkin costume, and stem hat, for Bitty Baby and a matching stem hat for Bitty Bear. Fill the grinning jack-o'-lantern with treats. Bitty Bear's Autumn Fun coloring book comes with a set of four crayons. Doll and bear sold separately.
Santa's Helper Set
BHS2 $24

Bitty Baby is an eager elf in a velour dress and hat with feather trim, tights, and shiny red boots. Bitty Bear has her own Santa hat! Their gifts are a rocking tree toy and a book of punch-out ornaments to color with four crayons! Doll and bear sold separately.