Our New Baby was not in any of the 1995 catalogs, however she finally re-appeard in the Holiday catalog of 1995. She was then re-christened Bitty Baby. Minor changes were made to the dolls. Eventually the beautiful blonde eyelashes that she originally had were changed to the black hard lashes that Bitty has today. Unlike Our New baby, the Bitty Baby had added a new sister, the hispanic Bitty was born. Gone were the boy clothes and Bitty was no longer marketed to little boy but just to little girls.

Bitty Baby's 1st Meet Outfit 1995

Over the years Bitty and all of her furnishings have undergone many changes. Like many other American Girl outfits, Bitty recieved a new outfit,on average of every two years.

I, with the help of many collectors, have compiled images and information for the last 2 years. Please understand that when outfits were released they were run through more them one catalog listed as a new release. We have done our best to identify the dates and years of release. Please enjoy the Bitty Baby Collectors Guide!


2nd Meet Outfit 2001


3rd Meet Outfit 2003

4th Meet Outfit 2005

Need stock image.

All-over print of Bitty's favorite things like candy canes, stockings, trees and snowmen features a crisp white collar and trimmed with eyelet which has a Christmas Tree cutout pattern. Accessories include a pair of red shoes, a red holly trimmed headband for baby, an embroidered bib for bitty bear, bitty's own stocking with her name and bells on it, a pair of festive red trimmed white socks, a holiday bitty bear coloring book and crayons, and a festive candy cane.

Bitty Baby will be toasty warm dressed as her favorite friend in her bear costume with an orange gingham bow. Put all the treats she collects in her Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin pail. Include a mask for Bitty Bear to join in the fun! Colouring book and craoyons also included. BFS $20


Special Occasion Set
A grand event to attend? Dress up Bitty Baby in dainty eyelet gown, and put on her bonnet with matching scalloped trim. Pretty up Bitty Bear in a lacy bonnet, too. Bitty Bear's Family Album features a mini mirror for primping. Doll and bear sold separately.
BSPS $22

Travel Adventure Set:
Off on a Trip! Bundle up Bitty Baby in her cozy knit sweater and bonnet trimmed with a Taffeta Bow. A knot bonnet keeps Bitty Bear warm. There's a zoom-zoom car with a pop-up bear. Follow along in a Bitty Bear Takes a Trip, a fold-out book complete with a mini map.

Bitty Breakfast Set:
Get Set for Breakfast by putting bitty bite bibs on Bitty Baby and Bitty Bear. Set their table with a spoon, cup, and bowl. What's on the menu? Yummy Bitty O's and a jar of pretty pears- pretend, of course. Read about tasty treats in the scratch and sniff book, Bitty bear's Tasty Treats.
BFDS $20

Thank You Kit_Girl!

Baby's Booster Chair:
Did you hear Bitty Baby's tummy growl? It's time to eat. Sit Bitty Baby and Bitty Bear in the sturdy plastic chair. Slide on the removeable tray- a perfect place to put all their favorite treats right within reach.
BEC $22

Thank You Kit_Girl!

Fun in the Sun Set
Bitty Baby loves to play outside! Dress her in a crisp white blouse, checked overalls, and white shoes and socks. Both Baby and Bear have sun hats! Play all day with six bright blocks and a book, Bitty Bear at Play. Doll and bear sold separately.
BPS $24


Little Red Wagon
See the neighborhood sights with Bitty Bear and Bitty Baby in tow. They love riding in this sturdy plastic wagon. Doll and bear sold separately.
BWG $18


Lullaby Basket:
Tuck Bitty Baby into this enchating beribboned basket. It comes complete with a fleecy blanket, sa soft mattress, a lace-trimmed pillow, a musical heart that plays a gentle lullaby, and Bitty Bear's Bedtime book. BLS $68 1995

Bitty baby Carrier: Places to go? Make it a trio. Snuggle Bitty Baby close in this handy red denim carrier. No need to leave Bear behind. There's a little pocket that's just her size. BBDC $12

Bitty Baby's Suitcase:
This sturdy rattan suitcase has room for your favorite Bitty baby outfits. It's lined with plaid gingham and has a pocket for accessories.
BRC $30
Note: in 1999 price increased $32

With a stroller for Bitty baby, you can be a girl on the go! Tuck in Bitty Bear , and you're ready for any adventure-around the block, to town, or wherever your heart takes you. When you're done, you can collapse the stroller for easy storage.
BST $18

Released 1995

Happy Birthday Set
Bitty Baby's decked out in a charming party dress, bloomers, socks, pink shoes, and a flower-topped headband. Bitty Bear has a fancy headband and collar. The wind-up cake plays "Happy Birthday," and there are more surprises in the pop-up book, Bitty Bear's Birthday. Doll and bear sold separately.
BBS $24 1995

For Dress Up!: Includes pink T-strap shoes, red patent Mary Jane shoes, two pairs of dainty dress socks for special occasions. BSSK $8 1995


Beach Set
Bitty Baby keeps cool in a romper, sun hat, and sandals. Bitty Bear has a sun hat, too! Use the pail and shovel to build sand castles, then color in Bitty Bear's Summer Fun coloring book with a set of four crayons. Doll and bear sold separately.
BAS $22 1996

Gardening Set
Spring is the time to sow seeds for carrots, beets, and daisies! Dress Bitty Baby in her gardening coverall, white socks, shoes, and shady straw hat. A sprinkling can is just what Baby needs to water the seeds. But watch out for weeds! Keep Bitty Bear cool in her little straw hat, too. Color the pretty pictures in Bitty Bear’s Spring Fun coloring book with a set of four crayons. Doll and bear sold separately.
BSS $22 1996


Valentine Set 97?
What could be sweeter than Bitty Baby in her cheery red dress embroidered with white hearts? A matching cap, white tights, and shiny red shoes complete her Valentine's Day look. Bitty Bear is extra lovable in a heart-trimmed vest. Color the tear-out cards in Bitty Bear's Valentines book with four crayons, then seal the envelopes with stickers and put them in the mailbox! Doll and bear sold separately.
BVS $24

Easter Set 97 web archive
Here comes the Easter Bunny! Dress Bitty Baby in a party dress, white socks, shoes, and a bonnet trimmed with bitty blossoms. Her basket holds a peeping chick. Bitty Bear gets a bunny headband and bow. For a magical surprise, dip the paintbrush in water and paint the pictures in Bitty Bear Colors Eggs. Doll and bear sold separately.
BES $24




Autumn Set
Bitty Baby's the apple of your eye in a velour swing top, plaid leggings, and yellow sneakers. Both Baby and Bear have jaunty berets! Crank up the musical apple to play "Pop Goes the Weasel," then read Bitty Baby the touch-and-feel book, Bitty Bear Picks Apples. Doll and bear sold separately.
BTS $24 Holiday 1998-Jeanette



Rainy Day Set 99
When Bitty Baby plays in the rain, her sunny yellow slicker and rain hat keep her dry! Bitty Bear has a rain hat, too. Baby's galoshes are perfect for puddle jumping, and her wind-up duck quacks and does a crazy rain dance. When you're back inside, read Baby a pop-up book, Bitty Bear's Rainy Day Fun. Doll and bear sold separately.
BRS $24
Released 1999

Circus Set 1999-Jeanette
Dress Bitty Baby in her front-row best - a striped seersucker dress in cotton candy colors, matching bloomers, gingham shoes, and bow-trimmed headband. Bitty Bear gets a gingham headband to wear and a pink balloon. Bitty Bear's Big Top Fun is a pop-up book full of circus delights. Doll and bear, and elephant sold separately.
BKS $24
Tiny the Elephant 1999-Jeanette
Even Bitty Bear gets into the act. Help her climb aboard Tiny, the circus elephant. Flip Tiny's switch to see a performance - and don't forget to bring the peanuts! Takes 2 AA batteries, not included. Bitty Bear not included.
BEPH $14
Purple Velveteen 1999/Winter Party2001:
Bitty Baby looks like a sugarplum princess in her luscious dress of purple velveteen, a festive hat trimmed with a bow, lavender tights, and shiny black shoes. Bitty Bear has a matching purple neckbow! Give Bitty Baby the purr-fect gift - a snow white kitten that meows a merry greeting. Bitty Baby's Winter Fun is a coloring book that comes with a set of four crayons. Doll and bear sold separately.
BHS $24

Note: This outfit was re-released in 2001
with a matching dress for girls.


Sailing Set
Life's a breeze for Bitty Baby in a ship-shape dress of seersucker chambray. It has a sailor collar tied with a red bow and comes with matching bloomers, blue deck shoes, and white anklet socks. Both Baby and Bear have white pique sailor hats trimmed with red braid. Pull the string on the little sailboat and watch it glide across the water. The coloring book, Bitty Bear Sets Sail, comes with a set of four markers!
BXS $24

Travel Set 1999- web archives
Bitty Baby joins the jet set in a cozy turquoise fleece jacket, hat, and scarf. Bitty Bear has a scarf just like Baby’s, too! To help the miles fly by, entertain them with a zoom-zoom car with a pop-up bear. Follow along in Bitty Bear Takes a Trip, a foldout book with a mini map. Doll and bear sold separately.
BUS $24


Wild Things Set
Dress Bitty Baby for an animal-watching adventure in bib overalls, a long-sleeved shirt, shoes, socks, and sunglasses. There's a baseball cap for Bitty Bear, a set of playful nesting penguins, and Bitty Bear's Zoo Fun, a slide-and-peek book. Doll and bear sold separately.
BZS $24 2000

Baby's High Chair:
Let's eat! Bitty baby's sturdy plastic high chair has an adjustable feeding tray, that converts easily to a paly chair and a table with nesting shapes to sort. BHCR $34 2000

Halloween Set:
Scare up some fun with a bear costume for Bitty Baby and a mysterious mask for Bitty Bear. Fill the grinning jack-o'-lantern with treats. Bitty Bear's Autumn Fun coloring book comes with a set of four crayons. Doll and bear sold separately.
BFS $22 Fall 2000

Santa's Helper Set
Bitty Baby is an eager elf in a velour dress and hat with feather trim, tights, and shiny red boots. Bitty Bear has her own Santa hat! Their gifts are a rocking tree toy and a book of punch-out ornaments to color with four crayons! Doll and bear sold separately.
BHS2 $24 Holiday 2000


Springtime Set
Bitty Baby's all abloom in a lovely lavender dress trimmed with flowers, white ruffle-topped tights, and crocheted shoes. A pretty hat shades her eyes from the springtime sun. Bitty Bear has a tiny crocheted purse. Together they can play with their animal pull toy or the book and paintbrush. Paint the pictures with water for a magical surprise! Doll and bear sold separately.
BEO $24 Spring 2001

Backpack Carrier- Spring2001

Picnic Set
A top with a watermelon pocket on the front over a pink T-shirt and gingham bloomers makes the perfect picnic outfit! Baby's hat and Bitty Bear's collar have a watermelon print, too. Pink shoes over white socks keep Baby steady on her feet when she chases butterflies with her net! After lunch, read to her from the lift-the-flap book.
BPO $24

Picnic Basket
Open Baby's basket to find a drink box with a straw, plus a pretend pear, a container full of rattling crackers, and a sandwich with a face on it! Lay out her tablecloth and napkins, and she's ready to eat!
BPB $18

Released Spring 2001

Meet outfit for 2001:
When it's time for bed, put Bitty Baby in her cozy turquoise velour sleeper. Sweet dreams, Baby!
BMO $12

2001 Starter Set:
Set includes the Bitty Baby doll, Bitty Bear and her family album book, Happy Birthday Set, fun in the Sun, Baby;s suitcase, make-believe lotion, powder, milk, and orange juice, and flannel recieving blanket. $98

Released Fall 2001

Baby's rocking Horse:
Wind up the music box on the seat of this adorable rocking horse. Then help Bitty Baby slide in for a ride!
BRH $30

Baby's Stroller:
See the world with Bitty Baby and Bitty Bear! Baby's collapsible stroller has a sunshade, deep storqage basket, and a special place for Bitty Bear. BSTR-$34

Released Fall 2001

SnowfFall Leaf Outfit:
Dress your Bitty Baby in a fleece sweatshirt, leaf-printed flannel pants, pink socks, and suede shoes. There’s a fleece vest for Bitty Bear, A leaf shape sorting toy, and a punch-out leaf coloring book
BFO $24

Snowflake Set:
Bundle up Baby in her quilted purple snowsuit with faux fur trim. Don't forget her matching mittens and a hat for Bitty Bear! There's a pearly snowbear toy and a book titled " Bitty's Frost Fun" with Press on Pictures.
BWO $24

Released Fall 2001

Poinsettia Dress:
Bitty Baby shimmers in her holiday dress with a poinsettia sash, matching hat, black tights, and shiny black shoes. Bitty Bear has a hat to match. Baby and Bear can ring in the season with a gold bell and decorate a paper Christmas tree with pages from the folding coloring book.
BHS3 $24

Purple Velveteen 1999/Winter Party2001:
Bitty Baby looks like a sugarplum princess in her luscious dress of purple velveteen, a festive hat trimmed with a bow, lavender tights, and shiny black shoes. Bitty Bear has a matching purple neckbow! Give Bitty Baby the purr-fect gift - a snow white kitten that meows a merry greeting. Bitty Baby's Winter Fun is a coloring book that comes with a set of four crayons. Doll and bear sold separately.
BHS $24

Holiday 2001


Garden Fairy:
Bitty Baby loves picking daisies in this breezy satin and organdy dress. Put on her matching satin slippers, then crown her with a wreath of flowers! Bitty Bear has a wreath too! Help them spin the flower wand and color the pictures in the coloring book. BGO $24 Spring 2002 Jeanette

Baby looks sweet in her Pink Jersey Dress, appliqued cardigan, and matching hat, socks and shoes! Also includes a pretty pinafore for Bitty Bear, a book of tear-out valentines, envelopes, stickers, and a mailbox. BVO $24 Spring 2002 Jeanette


Beach Fun Set:
Dress bitty baby in her romper, sandals, and sun hat. Bitty Bear has a sun hat too! Help them play with their beach ball and color puzzle and an activity book.
BSO $24 Summer 2002


Sand Toys:
Set Bitty's collapsible umbrella in it's stand, and use the bucket, strainer, shovel, sprinkling can, sand mold,and flags to build a castle together. Blanket folds into a bag with fasteneers to hold beach toys inside!
BSA $18 Summer 2002

Butterfly Costume:
Bitty baby is snug as a bug in her butterfly cosume. Cuddle her close as you take her out to play with her butterfly net. Bring Bitty Bear along-she has her own wings! Back home, punch out the butterflies in the book to make a mobile for your room. BHO$24 Fall 2002

Winter Wonderland:
It comes with the dress, beret, 2 scarves, shoes, tights, snow globe, and bitty bear book.


Beautiful Blooms Set:
Bitty Baby's dress and hat are trimmed with sequined and embroidered flowers. Put on her tights and shoes, and don't forget her furry lamb pull toy! Bitty bear joins the fun in her egg costume. Read to them from the touch and feel book. BNO $24

Baby's Stroller
take her for a ride in her stroller in it's new color. See the world with Bitty and baby Bear! Baby's collapsible stroler has a sunshade, a deep storage basket, and a special place for Bitty Bear.

Released Spring 2003

Strawberry Birthday:
On Baby's big day, dress her ina fruit-print dress, head band, and shoes. Her make believe cake has strawberries, lemons, and pretend candle. Make sure Bear wears her bib! The scratch and sniff book is full of Suprises!
BLO $24

Strawberry Tea Party:
have a party for Bitty with a tea set that's just your size! Fill the teapot, and set out teacups, saucers,forks, and napkins for you and Baby. An Embrodered Tea Cozy keeps the pot warm!
BLA $18

Baby's lullaby Basket:
Tuck Bitty Bay into this enchanting basket with a fleece blanket trimmed in ebroidery and lace, soft mattress and pillow, a plaid taffeta ribbon, plus a musical heart!
BLSR $70
Released Spring 2003

Baby's Bedding:
Cushion Bitty Baby's crib with a soft bumper pad. Tuck her in with a lace-trimmed pillow and richly embroidered taffeta quilt.
BBLR $28
Released Spring 2003

Backpack Baby Carrier:
Lead the way-Bitty Baby's right behind you! She and Bitty Bear love to ride in theis cleaver carrier, wich has a large zip-up compartment for their special things. Straps keep Baby safe and sound.

Baby's Carrier:
Places to go and people to see? Snuggle Bitty Baby close in this handy purple twill carrier. No need to leave Bitty Bear behind-there's a little pocket that's just her size. BBDCR $14

Released spring 2003

Bitty Suitcase:
Bitty's Suitcase come packed ready to play! Dress her in her pretty paly outfit! This set also includes a picture book, bathrobe, wash mitt, shampoo bottle, squeeze toy, blocks, toy camera, and pretend bottles of milk and orange juice.
BCRC $32
Released Spring 2003

Baby's rocking Horse:
Wind up the music box on the seat of this adorable rocking horse. Then help Bitty Baby slide in for a ride!
BRHR $30

Released Spring 2003

Bitty's Layette:
Cuddle Bitty Baby close in this soft heart-print onsie, matching hat, tiny socks, and yellow recieving blanket. BBLS $18
Released Spring 2003

Diaper Bag:
When you and Bitty are on the go, don't forget this handy diaper bag. It holds and undershirt, two flannel diapers, a box of wipes, make-believe bottles of lotion and powder, rattleing keys, and a sippy cup. BDBSR $32
Released Spring 2003

Lunch Fun:
Time for lunch! Set out Baby's cup, spoon,and bowl. Then put on her bib and feed her Bitty O's, pretend peas, crunchy crackers, and make-believe banana's. BFDSR $14
Released Spring 2003


Stars & Stripes:
Bitty Baby can join the parade in her gigham capris, a top over a white tee, and bright red sneakers. Includes matching sun hats, a trike horn that really works, a hear shaped flag for Bear, and a hide-and-seek book.
BTO $24

Red Tricycle
Bitty Baby can’t wait to ride her metal tricycle in the Fourth of July parade! The backrest helps her sit up straight, and the streamers flutter in the wind. $29 BTA

Released Spring 2003

Harvest Plaid:
Dress baby in a plaid cotton shirt, cordoroy pants, and a kerchief with embroidery and appliques, and lace up boots with socks. Bitty bear get her own kerchief, a hay ride toy, quilted leaf, and a colouring book. BKO $24

Toggle Coat:
She's a berry snug baby! Cute bear face appliques anchor the buttons on this toggle coat. Includes matching fuzzy bear mittens, a toggle vest for Bitty Bea, an acorn top to spin, and an activity book.BKC $20

Released Fall 2003

Ankle Boot Set
These shoes are perfect for babies on the go! Baby’s feet will shimmer in these purple boots with organza ribbon laces and metallic pink socks.
$8 BSS2

Sparkly Mary Janes
These fancy white Mary Jane shoes have a silver buckle and pair up perfectly with white lace-trimmed socks.
$8 BSS1

Released Fall 2003


Heart-to-Heart Set
Bitty Baby will warm your heart in her ruffled peasant top, eyelet pants, matching hat, and pink-and-red shoes. Her candy box is a tic-tac-toe game you can play! Bitty Bear can play Cupid with wings and a bow and arrow. See how she surprises her friends for Valentine’s Day in the picture book. $24 BVO2

Spring Blossoms:
Bitty Baby looks sweet in her matching dress and hat with sequins and fabric flowers sewn inside organza. Add her cropped jacket, tights, and shoes. Bitty Bear gets and apron, and for you there are 6 pop beads, and a colouring book about Bitty Bunny's Garden.
BDO $24

Released Spring 2004

Bitty Tees Gift Bag:
The perfect shower gift for the new little mommies! Three striped bodysuits embroidered with Bitty Piggy, Bitty Froggy, and Bitty Duck come in a tulle bag tied with a hair band for girls.
BBOS $18

Bitty Things Storage Chest:
Organize all your treasures. Sliding drawers hols dolls, clothes, and large accessories. Handy pockets on both sides display the bitty bunch,books, toys!
BGT $58

Released Spring 2004

Country Day Set:
Bitty Baby can have fun on the farm in her pinafore with a flower appliqué, gingham tee, bloomers, sandals, and straw hat. Includes a kerchief for Bitty Ducky and a book about the Bitty Bunch’s farm visit. Ducky’s tractor can pull the hayride toy from the Harvest Plaid Set! $24  BAO

Musical Silophone:
Play songs on this cleaver silophone by matching the pictures in the songbook to each key. Store the mallet and silo in the metal carrying case-It looks like a barn! BAA $18

Released Summer 2004

Travel 2-in-1 Set:
One set, two great outfits! Mix and match Bitty Baby’s plaid-trim jacket and T-shirt with her embroidered denim jeans and jumper. Her plaid headband, flecked tights, and boots make great accessories. Includes a toy plane and an aviator hat with scarf for Bitty Bear, plus a passport-like activity book complete with stickers for you. $34  BSOT

Ballerina Set:
Bitty Baby is a prima ballerina! Pink leotard and attached tutu are trimmed in gold. Accessories include ballet slippers, tights, a golden tiara, and a spinning fairy wand. There’s a tiny tutu for Bitty Bear, and a dress-up book with press-on stickers.
$24 BSOB

Released Fall 2004

Retired 2006
Travel Suitcase for Girls
When it’s time to go, pack your PJ’s and slippers inside this roomy suitcase. A pullout handle helps you roll it here and there. Use the outside pockets to pack Bitty Baby’s things—plus Bitty herself! W: 13", H: 22", D: 12". $49 BGSU

Traveltime Toy Bar:
A picket fence surrounds a whimsical garden full of toys that spin, click, rattle, and shine. Toy bar has room for baby's bottle and Bitty Bear too!
BSAT $18

Traveltime Doll Seat:
Bitty Baby loves to travel or gently rock back and forth in her comfy doll seat. Faux fur trims the adjustable canopy, the carrying handle can pivot behind the seat to a locked position, and the harness keeps Baby safe and sound.
BSAS $28

Released Fall 2004

Wildflower Set:
Bitty baby will be ready for the first chilly days of fall in her embroidered poncho, printed shirt, velour pants and baret, and wool clogs. There's also a flower linking toy, a poncho for Bear, and a craft book with three fun projects.
BSOF $24

Polar Bear Bunting:
Fleecy bunting has bear cub ears, fuzzy tail, and attached mittens. Includes pink scarves fro Baby and Bitty Bear, an igloo toy that's full of surprises when you look inside, and a winter fun board book with press-on stickers!
BSOW $24

Released Fall 2004

Silver Bells: Ring in the first snowflakes, Baby! Blue velvet dress and hat are trimmed with faux fur, and silver snowflake embroidery adorns the dress and velvet Mary Janes. Also includes tights, a furry collar for Bear, a metal bell, and an activity book with holiday crafts.BHS7 $26

Reversible cape and Purse: Pull on Bitty's cape when it's cold outside! Cape has a ribbon tie with quilted silver satin. Matching purse also reverses for two looks! $10 BHSA
Released Holiday 2004

Rosy Red:
Bitty Baby will brighten up a winter's day in her red dress and hat adorned with rosettes, tights, and ruby red Mary Janes. Bitty Bear has a matching vest! Baby’s special gifts are a stacking Christmas Tree toy and a holiday songbook.BHS5 $26

Reversible cape and Purse:
Pull on Bitty's cape when it's cold outside! Cape has a ribbon tie and sweet rosettes. Matching purse also reverses for two looks! $10 BHSA
Released Holiday 2004


Retired 2006

Bunny PJ's:
Ruffle top has a ribbon tie, and pants and cap feature the Bitty Bunch. Bunnies adorn the slippers and nuzzle blanket. Includes hat for Bear and a pull-tab board book. BSOP $24

Fresh Flowers Set
Baby can pick a fistful of flowers in her ruffly floral top and green capris. If it’s breezy, add her pink cardigan, hat, and Mary Janes. Set includes colorful blocks, a flower wreath for Bear, and a coloring book. $24 BSOC

Spring 2005

Retired 2006

My Big Day:
Happy birthday to Baby! On her big day, dress her in a pink baby-doll dress and white bloomers edged with ruffles. Strap on her pink hat and Mary Janes, and don’t forget her birthday-cake purse. Bear gets a bib, and there’s a birthday board book for you.
$24 BSOD Released Spring 2005

Princess Set for Dolls
Every baby princess needs an outfit like this! Watercolor-print fabric and metallic yarn and ribbon make this gown most royal. Chiffon-draped hat has a chinstrap, drawstring purse says “Princess,” and silver satin slippers are oh-so-soft. A crowned cape turns Froggy into a prince. Includes a coloring book, too!$24  BSOL Released Summer 2005

Sunshine Beach Set
Baby goes ga-ga at the beach! Her swimsuit, sun hat, and sandals have sweet butterfly appliqués, and her hooded cover-up is oh-so-soft. Put on her sunglasses, and she’s ready to play in the sand with her pail, shovel, and rake. There’s also a swimsuit for Bear, and a seek-and-find board book. $24  BSOH Released Summer 2005

Beach Chair & Umbrella
Collapsible umbrella is held up by its stand, and keeps the sun off Baby as she lounges in her beach chair.
$19  BHA Released Summer 2005

Playful Hearts Set
For a playdate at the park, dress Baby in this scalloped top and reversible pants and beret—the bright pink side reverses to light pink with embroidered hearts. Her high-top sneakers are simply the sweetest! Set includes a toy swing and a top for Bitty Bear, plus a board book for you.
$24  BSOK

Bitty Baby’s Pram
This classic pram is covered with lavender shantung and lined with white taffeta. Features a convertible canopy and adjustable handle, and the entire pram is collapsible for easy storage. Adult assembly required. W: 17", H: 32", L: 31".
$60 BPR

Released Fall 2005

Bitty Baby Bath Set
There’s nothing more special than bath time with Bitty Baby, so here’s everything you’ll need for a perfect pretend bath. Bathtub comes with a soft padded bottom, soft wash mitt, pretend shampoo and body wash, pretend showerhead for rinsing, two storage compartments to keep everything organized for next time, hooded terrycloth wrap that makes swaddling easy for you and keeps Bitty Baby warm and dry. Embroidered tee and diaper cover with a large flower appliqué. And flower float for Bitty Bear with The Bitty Bunch Bath Book board book for you.
Bathtub dimensions: L: 19”, W: 10”, H: 8 1/2”
$48 BBAB

Baby’s Layette Set
Keep Bitty Baby warm from head to toe in a jester-style hat and tiny socks! Wrap her in a yellow receiving blanket to give her a bottle, then gently rock her to sleep. Sweet dreams, Baby!
$5 BBLS1

Released Fall 2005

Crib Canopy
Dress up Bitty Baby’s Crib with this pretty canopy! Purple shantung fabric with pink corner bows covers a sturdy plastic canopy top and four posts that snap onto the crib corners. Adult assembly required. Dimensions with crib: W: 23", H: 32", D: 15".
$36 BCRA

Baby’s Bedding
Soft ruffle-trimmed reversible quilt and coordinating bumper pad are made of heart-print taffeta. Scallop-edged dust ruffle has pretty bows at each corner.
$29 BBL2

Released Fall 2005

Bitty Baby Starter Collection without Doll
This classic set includes:
• Pink storage chest with embossed stitching and storage pocket
• Special-occasion gown
• Smocked bonnet
• Knit booties
• Ruffled swing top
• Ruffled bloomers
• Quilted bib
• Scallop-edged quilt
• Rattle
• Bottles of pretend milk & juice
$90 BBSA2

Backpack Baby Carrier
Lead the way—Bitty Baby’s right behind you! She and Bitty Bear love to ride in this clever carrier, which has a large zip-up compartment for their special things. Straps keep Baby safe and sound.
$20 BBBC2

Released Fall 2005

Retired 2006

Chocolate Cherry Outfit Set:
Dress your little sweetie in a cherry-red cardigan with a faux-fur collar and cuffs, a chocolate-brown skirt with red mesh ruffle, brown tights, and red Mary Jane shoes. Set also includes a stacking presents toy, a furry scarf for Bitty Bear, and Bitty Bear’s Winter Crafts activity book.

And add to Bitty Baby’s sweet-as-sugar look with a spotted faux-fur swing coat and a cherry-red chenille hat with furry trim.

Released Holiday 2005

Retired 2006


Ruffles & Bows PJ’s Set:
Baby will wake up smiling every morning in this classic toile pajama top and bottoms—plus matching hat—trimmed with ruffles and satin bows. She’ll also love her satin slippers and embroidered fleece pillow with satin bow and trim. Bitty Bear can snuggle close with her own blanket. Set includes a Good Night, Bitty Bunch checklist to help you get ready for bed every night!
$24  BSOE

Flower Fairy Set
Bitty’s clothes are more charming than ever when she dons this fairy-like dress. The soft bodice and layered skirt feature flower embroidery, all accented by a taffeta sash. Slip on the matching shoes to complete her sweet spring look, and add the shiny wings and flower headband when it’s time for make-believe. Includes matching bear wings for Bitty Bear, a spinning flower toy and Bitty Bear’s Springtime Fun activity book.
$26 BSOG

Released Spring 2006

Ribbon-Trim Knit Set:
Planning a special occasion with Bitty Baby? She’ll hear plenty of “oohs” and “aahs” in her cream-colored cotton sweater woven with ribbons and tied with a bow. Her matching bib overalls, booties, and hat help make this cozy outfit one to remember!
$30  BSOR

Bitty Tees Gift Bag
The perfect gift for new little mommies! Three polka-dotted bodysuits are embroidered with Bitty Bunny, Bitty Kitty, and Bitty Bear. A tulle bag with a ribbon tie holds them all together—and the bag’s tie doubles as a ponytail holder!
$19 BBOP

Released Spring 2006

Retired Spring 2007

Bundle-Up Bunting
Fun in the snow is in store for Bitty Baby! Peachy-pink bunting with fur hood becomes a coat simply by removing the bottom. Includes fur-cuffed mittens attached by ribbons and a matching fur hoodie and mini-sleigh toy for Bitty Bear, plus Bitty Bear’s Sleigh Ride book.
$24 BSOX


Cozy Cardigan Set
She’ll warm your heart and stay toasty warm in this soft, cream cardigan with matching tee and gingham-ruffled pants. Protect Baby’s head and feet with the purple top-knot cap and moccasins with floral embroidery. There’s a matching top-knot hat for Bitty Bear, too, plus a button-flower toy and board book
$24 BSOQ

Released Summer 2006

"Let It Snow" Snuggle Set
‘Tis the season for snow! Keep Bitty Baby warm and snug in her snowflake sleep sack. An opening at the bottom makes diaper changes easy, and gives her plenty of room to kick, kick, kick. Pull on her Santa-style stocking cap and fuzzy, embroidered booties, and dress Bitty Bear in a matching nightie. The soft stacking snowman toy is fun to explore, and the storybook Bitty Bear’s Snowflake Dreams is simply sweet.
$24 BSOV

Bitty Bunch Mobile
The Bitty Bunch is ready to entertain. Simply attach the mobile to Bitty’s crib and wind it up to watch Bitty Lambie, Bunny, Kitty, and Puppy, plus hearts spin about. W: 10”, H: 15”, D: 10”.
$15 BCMM

Released Fall 2006



Bows & Bunnies Set
Go from picture time to playtime in this classic romper adorned with beautiful bows and baby bunnies. Add the matching pastel plaid bonnet and eyelet-trimmed shoes when it’s travel time, and read the It’s Spring, Bitty Bear! storybook before nap time. Also includes a puzzle box that allows you to “decorate” eggs and other spring shapes.
$24 BBOB

Bitty Tees Gift Bag
The perfect gift for new little mommies! Three solid-color onesies are embroidered with Bitty Puppy, Bitty Lambie, and the Bitty Baby heart logo. A tulle bag with a ribbon tie holds them all together—and the tie doubles as a ponytail holder!
$19 BBOT

Pastel T-Strap Shoes for Dolls
Faux-leather T-strap shoes are lined in gingham and pair up perfectly with playsuits.
$8 BSS3

Satin-Bow Slip-Ons for Dolls
Gingham lining and satin-ribbon “stitching” detail make these shiny white Mary Janes just right for weddings, holidays, and other special days.

$8 BSS4

Little Flowers Layette Set
Spring has sprung for Bitty Baby! Dress her for warmer weather in this cotton crossover tee with ruffle trim and matching bloomers—both with tons of tiny flowers in bloom. When Baby’s ready for some fresh air, spread her matching blanket under a shade tree and let her coo and giggle to the sounds of springtime. Everything comes in a tulle bag tied with a ribbon that doubles as a ponytail holder.
$19 BBOL

Changing Pad & Storage
Item# F6203

Changing Bitty Baby is easy and fun with this soft, smooth changing pad that attaches to Baby's Changing Table and features a fun print and pockets on each side, plus a storage cube to hold supplies. Imported.

Ballerina-to-Be Set + Book
Item# F6181

Even though Bitty Baby is a bit small for ballet, girls can give her dancing dreams a jump start with this pretty set.Girls can make Baby's first steps graceful ones with everything in this set:
A pink leotard with an attached sheer skirt
A cropped wrap sweater accented with satin ribbon and a bow
Cream tights printed with tiny heart flowers
Pink leg warmers and matching ballet slippers
A spinning wand and a silver crown-shaped headband embroidered with a heart
Includes Bitty Bear's Dress-Up sticker book with reusable stickers

Ballet Backpacks for Girls & Dolls
Item# F6185

When your girl packs for a performance, she can bring Bitty Baby's best, too. Each can carry a petite round backpack featuring a lavender ribbon, an embroidered heart logo, and a dot print that glows like a rainbow. There's plenty of space for outfits and accessories, too.
Girl's backpack: W: 101⁄2" x H: 101⁄2" x D: 23⁄4"
Doll's backpack: W: 41⁄4" x H: 41⁄4" x D: 11⁄2"
Tropical Waves Beach Set for Dolls
Item# BBOC

Bitty Baby will love to blow bubbles and kick, kick, kick in this super swim set. Girls can pretend to teach Bitty Baby how to swim with everything in this set:
A tropical swimsuit for her doll that features embroidered sea life and straps that crisscross in the back
A swim skirt with two tiers of ruffles, a matching bucket hat, beach sandals, and water wings
Also includes a beach towel and adirondack chair for Bitty Bear, and the Bitty Bear’s Beach Book activity book for girls

Trick-or-Treat Set + Book
Item# F6970
Bitty Baby looks as sweet as candy in this fun set. For Baby's first Halloween, your girl can dress her doll up in a cute costume, featuring apumpkin-shaped tunic with an appliquéd jack-o-lantern face, pumpkin-top headband, long-sleeved T-shirt, orange tights, and fleece shoes. Plus a jack-o-lantern bucket with a sturdy handle. Includes Bitty Bear's Autumn Fun coloring book for girls

2-in-1 Green Apple Set + Book
Item# F6199

Get two delicious looks in one for Bitty Baby! Bitty Baby will be the apple of your little girl's eye in this outfit, featuring a floral printed top and chambray pants with bows at the side, fleece jumper with apple embroidery and coordinating cream tights,a red beret with a ruffled edge, cropped jacket with a ribbon bow, matching embroidered shoes, and aspecial jack-in-the-box for Baby—it's an apple toy with a pop-up worm
Includes Bitty Bear's Nature Crafts book with three great projects for little girls