Felicity: 1774
Felicity Merriman® is an independent, loyal, spirited girl growing up in colonial Virginia in 1774, just before the Revolutionary War. Felicity® is impatient doing the “sitting-down kinds of things” that colonial girls are expected to do. She much prefers to be outdoors, especially riding horses! In her stories, Felicity learns about loyalty and responsibility—to her family, her friends, and her country—and what it means to be truly independent.


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Meet Felicity

The doll that inspired the movie! Your Felicity® doll arrives dressed in her embroidered lavender gown, a shift, white stockings, and black shoes with fancy buckles. Brush her long, wavy hair and gather it with a ribbon. She is 18 inches tall and has a soft, huggable body with arms and legs you can pose.

$87 Felicity Doll & Paperback Book
$92 Felicity Doll & Hardcover Book
$110 Felicity Doll & Paperback Book Set
$150 Felicity Doll & Hardcover Book Set

(See Appendix)

Released 1991

Felicity’s Accessories II

Felicity’s mob cap is tied with a lavender ribbon. Be sure she always wears it, indoors or out. Tie her garters just above her knees—her mother made them with a message woven into their dainty pattern. Her lace-edged handkerchief and shiny reproduction coin, called a bit, tuck inside her brocade purse. Fasten the choker of purple blossoms around her neck.

$20 EMA2
(See Appendix)
Your Felicity doll has snappy green eyes that open and close, and silky red hair that curls in soft tendrils around her face. Brush her long wavy hair and gather it into an ivory satin ribbon. She has a huggable soft body with head, arms, and legs you can pose. She can sit stand and hold all the charming accessories in her collection.

Felicity comes dressed in her flower-striped gown, edged in ruffles at the neck and sleeve. Underpants were not worn in 1774, but under her gown she wears a simple shift that comes down to her knees.

She wears white wool stockings and black shoes with fancy buckles. Her shoes are “single-lasted,” which means they are just alike and will fit on either foot. In colonial times people switched their shoes from one foot to the other so they would wear evenly!

$84 Felicity Doll & Paperback Book
$90 Felicity Doll & Hardcover Book
$106 Felicity Doll & Paperback Book Set
$146 Felicity Doll & Hardcover Book Set

(See Appendix)
Felicity’s Accessories I

Felicity’s round-eared cap is tied with a cinnamon ribbon. Be sure she always wears it, indoors or out. Tie her garters just above her knees—her mother made them with a message woven into their dainty pattern. Her lace-edged handkerchief and shiny reproduction coin, called a bit, tuck inside her necklace around her neck.

$20 EMA
(See Appendix)


Felicity Learns a Lesson
Laced Jacket & Petticoat

Lace up Felicity’s jacket so she’ll sit with perfect posture during tea lessons. It has a perky peplum in the back. The jacket’s dainty floral print coordinates with the plum-colored brocaded skirt, called an outer petticoat. The outfit is complete with a mob cap—a must for colonial girls.

$22 ESO
Reading & Writing Lesson

Mother taught Felicity to read the alphabet and the Lord’s Prayer using the wooden hornbook. Her writing supplies include a quill pen that she dipped in an inkwell that came from Holland. Felicity sewed paper together to maker her copybook, used to practice writing properly. And, when she got bored, she drew pictures of her horse, Penny! Pretend the shiny sander is filled with “pounce” to sprinkle on her writing and dry up the ink blots.

$20 ESAB

If you have more information about the changes in the ink well please contact me.
Tea Lesson

Here’s everything Felicity needs to practice the proper tea ceremony. Tea leaves were stored in the wooden tea caddy. Felicity’s dark blue teacup and saucer have an elegant fruit pattern on them. There is no handle on the small china teacup, which came from China back then. Put the spoon on the saucer, her cotton napkin in her lap, and pass her a queen cake. Just be sure her loose tooth doesn’t fall out when she takes a bite. How embarrassing!

$22 ESAL

Windsor Writing Chair

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence while seated in a handsome writing chair like this one. The writing arm swings from side to side so Felicity can sit easily in her full gowns. Under the seat is a drawer that holds all of her writing supplies. An exquisite hardwood reproduction.
ESF $ 55

Inkwell and quill pen are now included with chair
$62 ESFR

If you have more information about the changes in the ink well please contact me.


Felicity's Surprise

Christmas Gown & Stomacher

This brilliant blue taffeta gown is the one Felicity dreamed of wearing to the Governor’s Palace. It is trimmed with blue satin pleating and has dainty lace on the sleeves and bodice. Since colonial girls had few clothes, they often freshened up a dress with a new stomacher. Felicity’s stomacher has pink ribbons and pearls on it and snaps into the bodice of her gown, creating a new style. The pearl necklace on a blue satin ribbon and her dainty pinner cap complete this glorious outfit.

$24 ECO
2007 ReCode
(The blue satin ribbon was not added to this set until Spring 1993, two bobby pins were also originally included but no longer are)

Invitation & Fashion Doll I

Imagine the excitement when Felicity received a red-ribboned invitation to the Palace. No wonder she wanted a beautiful new dress like the one she saw on the wooden fashion doll that she spotted in the milliner’s shop. Fashion dolls showed colonial women what stylish ladies in England were wearing so they could copy the clothes for themselves and their daughters.

$18 ECAD
Invitation & Fashion Doll II

Imagine the excitement when Felicity receives an invitation to the palace! No wonder she wants a beautiful new dress like the one she spotted on the wooden fashion doll at the milliner’s shop. Fashion dolls showed colonial women what stylish ladies in England were wearing so that they could copy them.

(See Appendix)
Noah’s Ark I

One special toy was sorted away to be brought out only at Christmastide in the Merriman household. Noah’s ark with its little animal figures was Felicity’s favorite. Open the ark to safely stow to animals inside. Noah and his wife fit snuggly in the house on top!

$22 ECAP

Noah's Ark II

Not often known about, American Girl had a second version of Felicity's Noah's Ark set. This version did not heve the stripe on the bottom as the version I did.


Noah’s Ark III

Noah’s ark, with its 12 little figures, is Felicity’s favorite toy. Open the wooden ark to safely stow the animals inside. Noah and his wife fit snugly in the house on top!


Shrewsbury Cakes Kit

Make colonial Christmas cookies just like Felicity did. The original recipe for Shrewsbury cakes is included in this kit. After you’ve cut out the cakes with four fancy cutters, unwrap the blue paper from the sugarloaf and scrape sugar on top of them. Put the tea cloth in the basket and tuck inside the tasty cakes, warm from the oven. Felicity can take them to Miss Manderly’s for tea—if you haven’t eaten all of them first!

$18 ECAG


Happy Birthday Felicity
Spring Gown with Pinner Apron & Pompon

Felicity’s elegant spring gown of tulip pink has pleated cuffs at the sleeves, highlighted by silk rosettes. Fasten the flowered apron, called a “pinner,” to the dress with tiny straight pins—safety pins hadn’t been invented yet! Felicity’s stockings have hand-embroidered decorations called “clocks” sewn in a daisy pattern. English daisies and tulips form the pompon Felicity’s mother gave her on her birthday. Tie it around her head with a pink satin ribbon.
(two safety pins are included as well)

$22 EBO
Posie the Lamb

Felicity fell in love with the bundle of soft white fluff with big brown eyes that Grandfather brought. Felicity named her “Posie” because the little lamb loved to frolic in the flowers. Posie even has a festive wreath of springtime blooms around her neck.

$16 EBAA

Tilt-Top Table & Chairs

In Felicity’s time, colonial homes boasted a beautiful table that was proudly set for afternoon tea when company called. Felicity’s wooden tea table is a faithful reproduction of a classic, right down to its decorative pie-crust edging and Queen Anne legs. The tabletop tilts down for easy storage. The matching side chairs are decorated with a seashell on the back and are richly upholstered in shiny blue moiré.

$98 EF
2007 ReCode D4332

Single Tea Chair

An extra chair will come in handy when it’s time for tea lessons!

$32 EFC
2007 ReCode D4334

Chocolate Set

Felicity celebrated her birthday with hot chocolate since the Merrimans, like other Patriots, had stopped drinking tea. The gleaming chocolate pot has a removable finial on top. Remove it and put the wooden chocolate mill inside. Close the top, twirl the mill, and pretend to mix up a perfect cup of hot chocolate.
Set the table with two pale yellow chocolate cups with delicate twisted handles, two gold-rimmed botanical plates, two forks and spoons, and two white damask napkins.

$58 EBAC discontinued 2005
(See Appendix)

Felicity’s Party Treats

Felicity hoped for a small party on her birthday to celebrate spring and her grandfather’s visit. You can have just the party Felicity dreamed of! Stack the two glass salvers for a stunning two-tiered centerpiece. Display the party treats—the great cake, marzipan strawberries, candied lemon and orangeslices, and fresh fruit tarts. Arrange the flowers from the birthday bouquet in the five fingers of the porcelain quintal vase. A hand-painted figurine inspired by one made in Derby, England, more than 225 years ago is the perfect finishing touch.
(also comes with a tissue paper bouquet holder)

$28 EBAP
Retired 2005
(See Appendix)

Felicity’s Colonial Tea Set

Help Felicity practice serving tea with this exquisite ceramic tea set—it features a lotus flower motif that was popular in her day. Set includes a teapot, two cups and saucers, a sugar bowl and creamer, two spoons, a metal tray, and a wooden tea caddy.

$48 EATS
2007 ReCode F2940

Felicity’s Tea Treats

Your doll can serve these tea treats for two at her afternoon tea! Set the table with two real ceramic plates, cloth napkins, and fancy glasses filled with pretend flummery, Felicity’s favorite dessert. On the metal cake plate, carefully place the tower of pretend cakes inside the ring of fruit and tarts.

$32 EACT

Guitar II

When Grandfather came to visit, he gave Felicity a precious gift—an exquisite guitar that had once belonged to her grandmother. The carved rosette in the middle of the guitar and the beautiful pink ribbon made snooty Annabelle green with envy!

$25 EBAG
(discontinued and then reintroduced in 2005)
Original guitar was made entirely of wood with a burgandy Ribbon strap.
Needlework Kit & Frame

Felicity’s stitching certainly improved once she got her own needlework frame. The sampler kit contains needle and thread to stitch a colorful bird, vines, flowers, and the words Faithful Friends Forever Be. There are even two thimbles—a tiny one for Felicity and one for you, too! Open the storage boxes on the base of the frame and tuck the supplies inside when her lesson is through.

$22 EBAN


Felicity Saves the Day

Felicity’s Summer Outfit

Just like today, girls in colonial times wore lighter clothes to help endure hot, steamy weather. Felicity’s pretty eyelet-edged summer gown has a fancy sash featuring butterflies and flowers. Her wide-brimmed straw hat shades her face from the sun and sits atop her lace cap. Her brocade slippers are tied with ribbons.

$28 EAOA
Revised Released 2005

(Summer Dress $22 EAO Retired)
(Straw Hat and Slippers $18 EAOB Retired)
Combined Set Released 2005

Plantation Play

Felicity loved the long summer days on Grandfather’s plantation. She played shuttlecock and battledore with Nan and William and blew bubbles at the river’s edge with a shell and reed. They all waited for a bird to nest in the bird bottle, which turned out to be the secret hiding place where Ben left the note and signal whistle that started Felicity on her dangerous summer adventure.

$22 EAAS Retired
(the set originally came with two battledores, in 1998 only one was included with the set)
Rescue Kit

Felicity knew just how to help Ben when she got his desperate message. She gathered lavender and witch hazel in her gathering basket and ground them with a mortar and pestle to make a healing poultice for Ben’s leg. When she learned that Father had placed a newspaper ad to track down Ben, she made a plan to help him escape. She rushed to Ben and gave him her pocket book, with a map inside. Pocketbooks often contained important papers—Felicity’s holds a letter from Elizabeth.

$18 EAAN


Changes For Felicity

Cardinal Cloak

Wrap Felicity in her cheerful scarlet cardinal cloak to brighten even the gloomiest day. The cloak wasn’t named for the cardinal bird—it actually came from similar cloaks worn by Roman Catholic cardinals in the 1700’s and today. Tie the cloak with its beautiful red satin ribbon to keep out the chilly winter winds.

$20 EWO
2007 ReCode D4451

Muff, Mitts & Pattens

In wintry weather, make sure Felicity uses her embroidered muff of eggshell-white satin and wears her soft leather mitts. If it’s muddy and slushy outside, tie Felicity’s pattens to her shoes so her feet will stay out of puddles!

$20 EWOA
Colonial Undergarments

Felicity’s undergarments give her the figure that was stylish during colonial times. First lace up her stays to ensure she has proper posture. Then tie the hand-embroidered pocket around her waist—all of her dresses have slits so she can reach into her pocket. Finally, tie on the pocket hoops to giver her dresses the right fullness.

$18 EWAU
Travel Trunk

Felicity’s handsome forest-green travel trunk was a special gift from Grandfather. The trunk has brass accents and is lined with wallpaper that has an antique pattern of brick-red and blue cherries.

$22 EWAL
Winter Entertainments

On cold days, Felicity played indoors and warmed herself by the parlor fire, using a hand-held fire screen to protect her complexion. She amused Nan and William by making a jumping jack hop and dance, and delighted baby Polly with a spinning top. When dusk fell and Felicity became restless, she would light the candle in her lantern and walk to father’s store—always a favorite place to go.

$18 EWAF


Night Time Extras
Night Shift, Cap & Mules

Felicity’s night shift is edged with lace around its drawstring neck and sleeves. The matching lappet cap has long flaps, or “lappets,” that tie under her chin. To keep her feet warm on bare wood floors, felicity wore leather slippers called “mules.”

$20 EDO

Felicity’s Bed & Bedding

This fine hardwood bedstead has a soft mattress and pillow covered with a red toile counterpane. The bed hangings of traditional colonial check include side curtains that you can pull closed to keep Felicity snug from the drafty night air. The matching canopy, or “tester,” gives the bed the elegant appearance everyone loves. A perfect bed for pleasant dreams.

$108 EB

Felicity’s Bedding

Includes her counterpane, checked bed hangings, and canopy topper.

$32 EDAB

Dressing Table

Felicity’s dressing table has a rich, dark finish and bright brass accents that match her bed and clothes press. The lower shelf, with its lovely scalloped edge, is the perfect place to rest her candlestick. There’s a handy pullout drawer too!

$32 EDF
(discontinued and then reintroduced in 2005)
Nighttime Necessities

Light Felicity’s way to bed with a make-believe candle in a brass chamberstick that has a dear little heart on its handle. Make her bed toasty by warming the sheets with the brass bed warmer before you say goodnight to her. Tuck her in and read her a passage from The Little Pretty Pocket Book—a favorite of children back in England and in the colonies.

$18 EDA

(Book was not added to the set until 1993, prior to then the set was referred to as Brass Chamberstick & Bed Warmer $18)


Extras and Other Outfits for Dolls
Clothes Press

Colonial homes didn’t have closets in them, so people folded their clothes neatly on the shelves and in the drawers of a clothes press. An important piece of furniture in fine houses back in 1774, it’s an heirloom for you to cherish today and forever.
H: 251⁄2”, W: 15 1/8”, D: 8”

$150 ET

Felicity’s 2-Doll Clothes Press

Colonial homes didn’t have closets, so people often stored clothes in a clothes press. This wooden trunk features elegant brass hardware, and can hold up to two dolls inside. Store clothing and accessories with the three hooks and two toilé boxes. W: 15", H: 26", D: 8".

$175 XT

Shoes, Socks & Garters

Felicity’s toes will twinkle in dainty slippers with two sets of snap-on bows! Two pairs of stockings—white and pale blue embroidered—and extra garter ribbons are included.

$14 EXOA
Released 1993

Ribbons for Felicity

Felicity’s hair ribbons include one each in royal blue, ivory, forest green, and berry.

Released 1993

Scenes & Settings
EW $55 Retired
W: 58” H: 24”

Work Gown

Oh, how Felicity hated to help with housework! But when she did she wore a striped gown of hand-loomed cotton so she didn’t spoil her good clothes. Knot her kerchief around her neck, or simply tuck it into her bodice as colonial girls did. Tie her apron around her waist, and don’t forge her ruffled mob cap—a must for dusty chores!

$22 EXO
Released 1993

Riding Habit & Hat

Won’t Felicity look fine when she goes riding with Penny? Her forest green riding habit has a fitted waistcoat jacket elegantly adorned with gold. It comes with a matching wool skirt, perfect for riding sidesaddle, and a fancy three-cornered hat finished with gold and a handsome plume of feathers.

$24 EPO
Released 1993
Retired and
Reintroduced in 2005

Penny the Horse

This beautiful horse looks just like Penny! Braid her thick brown mane and tail, and stroke her velvety chestnut coat. Then position the royal blue saddle blanket and leather saddle, adjust the stirrups, take up the leather reins, and you’re off!

$62 GAAH1
Released 1993
Price Increase 2007 $65

Originally this was released as "American Girl Horse" leaving it open for girls of any era to have her. Now she has become "Penny" and is associated with Felicity's collection.

Felicity’s Town Fair Outfit

The town fair on Market Square was the place to be seen in Williamsburg! Felicity looked fair indeed in her “walking dress”—a style inspired by French fashion. Her dark teal gown has contrasting white sleeves and three bands of ribbon across the bottom. Add a striped pink apron and a mob cap trimmed with lace and gold ribbon.
Felicity’s souvenir from the fair is a fanciful wooden windmill. Hold it up to the breeze to make the propellers spin and the pennant snap to attention!

$28 ELO
Limited Edition Outfit Introduced in 1997
Riding Breeches & Hat

Felicity borrowed Ben’s breeches from the mending pile and wore them to run to her secret morning visits with Penny. Her black breeches, trimmed with a set of shiny gold buttons, fasten below the knee and on the front flap. The matching black three-cornered hat is edged in a smart berry-colored ribbon

$15 ERO
Released 1998
Felicity’s Traveling Gown

Felicity was overjoyed to hear that she and Mother would pay a visit to grandfather’s plantation to rest before the new baby arrived. For the journey Felicity wore a lovely new gown of lilac silk embroidered with flowers and trimmed in lace. With it she wore a sheer mob cap, and a choker of purple blossoms.

$22 EHO
Released 1999
In 2005 this outfit became Felicity's "Meet" outfit.

Felicity’s Rose Garden Gown

Felicity’s elegant gown is reproduced from a 1770s print. Pretty roses are printed among stripes, and sleeves have ruffles. Includes a hair ribbon.

$22 EMO
Released 2005
Outfit originally Felicity's "meet" Outfit

Felicity’s Tea Lesson Gown

In Felicity’s day, tea etiquette was very important. For her tea lessons, dress her in this striped yellow gown with scalloped lace and ribbon rosettes. Her straw hat ties behind her head, and the satin slippers feature rosettes.

$28 ETO
Released 2005

Baby Polly & Cradle

Felicity’s baby sister Polly doll is 9 inches long with a soft body and vinyl arms, legs, and head. She comes dressed in a beautiful christening gown and bonnet. Help Felicity lay her down in the exquisite wooden cradle fitted with a striped mattress and coverlet.

Released 2005

2-Doll Colonial Carriage

Felicity and Elizabeth look as elegant as can be when they ride together in this wooden carriage with velvet tie-back curtains and candle lanterns. Lift off the fabric roof to seat the dolls on the quilted bench—it even has a storage compartment underneath. Slip the bridle over your horse’s head, attach the reins and carriage poles, and off they go!

$175 XCAC
Released 2005

Colonial Stable Set

Here’s everything you need to help Felicity and Elizabeth care for the horses. Set up the fencing outside the stable, which features a stall divider and rope gate. Use the wheelbarrow to transport two hay bales and a feedbag, and place the water bucket where the horses can reach it. Tend to any injuries with the leg wrap, mortar, and pestle, then set the rake, shovel, and brush where you can find them tomorrow!

$78 EAHA
Released 2005

Colonial Stable Set II

Everything you need to help Felicity and Elizabeth care for their horses. Place the water bucket, where the horses can reach it and give your horse a good brush down. Bring in some feed bags with the wheelbarrow. Then rake and shovel the stall to keep things fresh and tidy.

Second Release 2007

Patriot the Foal

Penny’s foal, Patriot, is shiny, dark brown, and adorable! Help Felicity or Elizabeth keep him warm and tie on his cozy coat. Lead him gently with the rope halter decorated with a ribbon.

$36 EAAP
Released 2005

Felicity's Gala Gown

Felicity dreams of wearing this beautiful gown to a holiday ball. Made just for her from berry-colored brocade fabric, it features a contrasting gold panel, plus delicate lace and sparkly jewels on the bodice. A cream lace cap with berry ribbon trim gives Felicity a merry manner.

$28 F8463


Books and Extras for Girls

Books Series 4 Covers
Paper Back $6.95
Hard Cover $12.95

Books Series 3 Covers
Paperback $5.95
Hard Cover $12.95

2002 Felicity Discovers a Secret $4.95, 2000 Felicity's Dancing Shoes $3.95,
2001 Felicity Takes a Dare $3.95, 1999 Felicity's New Sister $4.95

Felicity's Short Story Collection
illustrated by Dan Andreasen, Philip Hood, and Susan McAlileyby Valerie Tripp

This keepsake anthology contains the short stories Felicity’s Dancing Shoes, Felicity Takes A Dare, Felicity’s New Sister, and Felicity Discovers a Secret. It also includes one brand-new adventure—Felicity’s Valentine.
Growing up in Virginia just before the Revolutionary War, Felicity is struggling to gain her own independence. As she learns how to be a proper gentlewoman, she also begins to form her own beliefs. Felicity learns through her adventures that with independence comes responsibility.
The collection includes “Looking Back” essays and a ribbon bookmark.
Hard Cover $12.95
Available August 2006

Hard Cover $29.95

Hard Cover $16.95

Paperback $6.95
Hard Cover $10.95

Paper Dolls $9.95

Felicity DVD

Lights! Camera! Felicity! The Making of Felicity

Felicity's Magnetic Mini World

Felicity Fashion Studio

Stationary Set $9.95

Art Studio $14.95

Reading Poster
$5.95 22"x24"

Meet Poster
$5.95 18"x24"

Cook Book

Craft Book

Paper Dolls I

Theater Kit

Just For Fun

Puzzle Frames

Story Collection 2

Movie Card Pack

Paper Marbling Kit $18

Felicity’s Patterns $18


Shift that comes under Felicity's "meet" dress.
Tissue wrapping that comes wrapped around the flowers with Felicity's Party Treats.

Chocolate Pot Version I
Purchased 1992

Chocolate Pot Version II
Purchased 2004