Kaya: 1764
Kaya® is a daring, adventurous Nez Perce girl living in 1764. Her deep love of horses and respect for nature nourish her spirit, as she dreams of becoming a courageous leader for her people. She’s ready to meet whatever the future brings! Kaya draws strength from her family, the legends her elders tell, and the bold warrior woman who is her hero. And she learns that the choices she makes affect all Nez Perce people.





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Changes for Kaya

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Other Outfits and Extras
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Meet Kaya

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Your Kaya doll arrives in a deerskin dress trimmed with fringe, a line of pretend clamshell beads, and a belt. Pretty moccasins cover her feet. Kaya has dark brown braids tied with real shell hair ties.

Kaya was the winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award for 2003.
Most of the items in her collection are made from pretend animal products

$87 WDP Kaya Doll & Paperback Book
$92 WDH Kaya Doll & Hardcover Book
$110 WDBP.55118 Kaya Doll & Book Set - Paperback
$150 WDBH.55126 Kaya Doll & Book Set - Hardcover

Kaya was introduced to the American Girls Collection in 2002.

Kaya’s Accessories

Kaya’s bag and belt pouch hold food and other treasures. She might have woven them using cord dyed with berries, wildflowers, and mosses—the same dyes that would have colored the porcupine quills in her pretty necklace.

$20 WMA

The woven patterns on the bags are only printed on the outside; the colors are not actually woven in the fabric.


Kaya's Escape
Tatlo & Travois

In Kaya and Lone Dog, Lone Dog’s pup Tatlo becomes Kaya’s dog as her family begins their journey to the camas meadows. On the trip, Tatlo can pull a travois loaded with Kaya’s bedding. A furry blanket cushions his back.

$36 WDAD
Winter Cape & Hood

Kaya’s cape keeps her warm during cold winters in the valley—she would have sewn four rabbit hides together to make it. Her winter wear includes moccasins, long mittens, and a hood trimmed with faux fur and real feathers.

$22 WCO
Kaya’s Craft Kit

During winter, Kaya makes things she’ll use and wear all year long. A real leather bag holds everything you need to help Kaya make a painted saddle bag and a necklace: real leather and leather fringe, an awl, two wooden needles and pretend sinew, real leather cord, and beads in a plastic shell.

$20 WSAB


Kaya's Hero
Doll & Cradleboard

Kaya borrows this doll from her sister Speaking Rain after they’re taken captive. It comes with a cradleboard, which kept a baby snug and secure while its mother worked, walked, or rode her horse.

$20 WCAD
Kaya’s Saddle

Kaya’s saddle includes a saddle pad for her seat and a furry blanket for Steps High.

$18 WCAS


Kaya & Lone Dog
Steps High

Kaya’s beloved horse is a deep brown Appaloosa mare with a white star on her forehead and a rope bridle in her mouth. She comes with a fringed hide blanket.

$60 WCAH
Sparks Flying

Steps High’s foal is white with dark spots and has thick black mane tail.

$36 WCAF


Kaya Shows the Way
Adorned Deerskin Dress

Kaya saves this deerskin dress for special occasions. It’s trimmed with a row of dyed porcupine quills, plus pretty trade beads and elk’s teeth. The better the hunters in a girl’s family, the more teeth she would have on her dress. Kaya’s dress comes with matching moccasins and a woven belt.

$26 WSO
Hat & Parfleche

This pretty woven hat is a gift from Kaya’s grandmother—a sign that she’s growing up. Her bracelet would have been carved from an antler. Kaya carries her special things in a painted parfleche that folds shut like an envelope.

$20 WSOA
Kaya’s Foods

Help Kaya gather huckleberries and camas roots in her woven basket—cover it with huckleberry branches to keep all her food safe inside. Later, she can lay everything on a tule mat to dry: her berries, some salmon, and a bowl of mashed camas to make into finger cakes.

$20 WSAL
Retired 2007
Kaya’s Foods

Gathering foods is an important activity for Kaya, and here’s what she finds:
Huckleberries and camas roots to place in the woven basket
Huckleberry branches to cover all her food for safekeeping
A tule mat, salmon, and a bowl of mashed camas to make into finger cakes

$20 WSAL2
Released Spring2007


Changes For Kaya
There are currently no items associated with this story


Night Time
Kaya’s Tepee

Help Kaya put together this tepee that’s just her size. Girls built tepees like this one as practice for when they would be responsible for building their village’s shelter. Two tule mats trim the entrance. Outside, her wood firereally lights up!
W: 30”, H: 28”, D: 26”

$70 WDAT
Kaya’s Bedroll

Inside her tepee, Kaya sleeps on a buffalo hide—a tule mat underneath it keeps it warm and dry. When it’s cold, she wraps up in a snuggly elk hide. Her pillow has a soft fur cover. A shield outside her tepee shows who lives inside!

$24 WDAQ


Other Outfits and Extras for Dolls
Jingle Dress of Today

Kaya’s stories take place long ago, but the Nez Perce people are still a proud, strong culture today. Like other American children, Nez Perce children go to school, play sports, and watch TV. But they also learn the Nez Perce language, play traditional Indian games, and dress in beautiful clothing for pow-wows.
If Kaya lived in modern times, she might work with her mother or aunt to make a colorful dress like this one to wear when she dances at pow-wows. Originally made from tobacco can lids, the cone-shaped “jingles” on this dress make a beautiful sound during pow-wow dances. Fringed moccasins, a ribbon belt, hair ribbons, and a kerchief with a beaded rosette complete the outfit.

$28 WPO
Fancy Shawl Outfit of Today

Pow-wow dances are careful not to let the long fringe on this shawl touch the ground as they spin, jump, and step to the beat of a drum. This colorful outfit includes a blouse, a vest, a ruffled skirt, a woven yoke, fringed moccasins, a scarf with a beaded rosette, and hair rosettes and ribbons.

$24 WRO
(outfit added 2003)
Pow-Wow Dress of Today

Girls today who share Kaya’s Nez Perce roots often wear traditional outfits like this one to pow-wows. Help your doll dance to the slow beat of a drum in this beautiful fringed dress. Add a beaded choker and embroidered moccasins, plus a feathered comb for her hair. Set includes trading cards and a matching beaded choker for you, too!

WZO $28
(outfit added 2005)

Kaya's Animals
Item# F8481 $48

When Kaya is gathering firewood, she looks for these baby animals:
A bear cub with tan ears, dark fur, and big brown eyes
A soft, brown, speckled fawn
A furry, white bunny

Pow-Wow Dress of Today
Item# T6704 $32

Nez Perce girls of today often wear traditional garments like this one to pow-wows:
• A modern-day fringed dress featuring beaded accents, a faux-shell button, and an embroidered apron
• A headpiece with real feathers
• A pair of lace-up moccasins

Jingle Dress of Today
Item# F9452 $6

4 Special edition - while supplies last Modern-day girls from the Nez Perce tribe often dress in beautiful garments like this one for pow-wows. This set includes: A bright-pink satin dress with long cuffed sleeves, an embroidered belt, and two rows of metal jingles attached to ribbon—they make beautiful sounds when the dancer moves. Knee-high turquoise boots with embroidered flowers. A feathered hair comb and two embroidered hair ties. A faux-leather drum and a drum mallet like the real ones that keep the beat for singers and dancers at pow-wows.


Books and Extras for Girls

Kaya Books Series 4 Covers
PaperBack $6.95
Hard Cover $12.95

Kaya Books Series 3 Covers
PaperBack $6.95
Hard Cover $12.95

Kaya's Short Story Collection

Illustrated by Bill Farnsworth, Renee Graef, and Susan McAlileyby Janet ShawThis keepsake anthology contains the short story Kaya and the River Girl, and four brand-new adventures: Kaya and the Beavers, Kaya and the Flood, Kaya and the Injured Dog, and Kaya and the Grandmothers.
Kaya’s world is filled with the beauty of the earth and the joy of tradition. But it is also filled with change. As the Nez Perce people move with the seasons to hunt and gather, Kaya faces the responsibilities that come with taking her place in the community. In each new adventure, she draws strength from the legends and lessons of her elders.
The collection includes “Looking Back” essays and a ribbon bookmark.

Hard Cover $12.95

Available August 2006

HardCover $29.95

Kaya's Magnetic Mini World

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Kaya Sticker Pack
by Janet Shaw
illustrated by Bill Farnsworth

2003 Kaya and the
River Girl

Kaya's Art Studio

Kaya's Paper Dolls

Kaya's World
Hard Cover $16.95

The Silent Stranger: A Kaya Mystery
Paperback $6.95
Hard Cover$10.95

Story Collection 2

Puzzle Frames




Kaya's Meet Belt
Kaya's belt under went a change. The first Meet Outfit belt tied in the front. Current belts have a fixed tie in front with a velcro closure in the back.