Kit: 1934
Kit Kittredge® is a clever, resourceful, inquisitive girl growing up in 1934, during the Great Depression. With spirit and determination, she takes on the economic and emotional challenges the Depression brings to her family. In her stories, Kit® learns what “waste not, want not” really means, reaches out to those who are far less fortunate than she is, and discovers that hope is always worth holding on to.


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Meet Kit
Your Kit doll arrives dressed in a lilac sweater set and floral linen skirt, with white cotton underwear and white sandals. Kit is 18 inches tall and has a huggable, soft body with arms and legs you can pose. Her bright blue eyes open and close, and she has a sprinkling of freckles across her nose! Pull her shoulder-length blond hair off her forehead with a barrette in a double-diamond shape.

$87 QDPY Kit Doll & Paperback Book
$92 QDH Kit Doll & Hardcover Book
$110 QDBP.53573 Kit Doll & Paperback Book Set
$150 QDBH.53581 Kit Doll & Hardcover Book Set

Kit was introduced to the American Girls Collection in 2000
(See appendix)
Kit’s Accessories

Kit’s crocheted hat is called a cloche, which is the French word for bell. Her straw purse holds a printed hankie and a reproduction buffalo nickel. Her necklace is styled after a compass inside a ship’s wheel—to help her find her way through hard times!

$20 QMA
2007 ReCode D7306


Kit Learns a Lesson
School Outfit

Kit’s plaid jumper has a white blouse with plaid trim at the collar and cuffs. She wears knee socks and sturdy brown oxford shoes, and a tortoiseshell hair comb in her hair.

$22 QSO
(See appendix)
Book Bag & Supplies

Kit’s book bag holds a geography reader, a multiplication chart, a writing tablet, and a pencil box that holds six crayons, a ruler, two pencils, a gum eraser, and a pen. Her report card discusses her grades—and behavior!

$18 QSAB
School Lunch

Kit loves her lunch tin decorated with ships, trains, and airplanes—people in the 1930’s were fascinated by speed and travel! Raise the hinged lid to reveal her lunch: a sandwich, apple, carrot, and oatmeal raison cookie. Her cloth napkin is embroidered with autumn leaves and acorns.

$16 QSAL
Retired Dec 2007

Kit’s School Lunch

Even though money is tight for her family, Kit can still enjoy lunch:
A cheese sandwich, an apple, a carrot, celery, and an oatmeal-raisin cookie
A cloth napkin embroidered with autumn leaves and acorns
An enameled lunch tin with ships, trains, and airplanes, which all fascinated people in the 1930s

Item# F7647 $20
Released Dec 2007

Typewriter Set

Kit’s typewriter “dings” just like the real thing when she gets to the end of a line! Keep her typing paper and an eraser in a pretty box, along with a picture of her favorite baseball player and three of her “newspapers.”
(also includes a little flower with a bow around the stem)

$22 QCAG
Rolltop Desk & Swivel Chair

Kit loves working at her wooden student desk. It has lots of cubbies and drawers and a pull-out writing board, and the top rolls down to hide clutter. Her chair swivels so she can take a little spin to get her ideas moving!

$70 QSF

Swivel Chair Only

Give Kit the perfect place for inspiration to strike—a swivel chair for a reporter on the go!

$22 QSFC

Kit's School Skirt Set
Item# F7890 $32

Kit chooses this smart outfit when it’s time for school. Your American girl can help Kit get ready for class with this outfit:
A floral-print blouse with a criss-cross collar
A cropped, knit sweater-jacket with contrast binding
A soft wool skirt with an attached belt
A pair of knee socks and double T-strap shoes
A matching felted hat trimmed with coral ribbon


Kit's Surprise

Christmas Outfit

Kit’s Christmas dress features a shiny black Scottie-dog. It comes with a red polka-dot hairbow, white stockings, and black patent T-strap shoes.

$24 QCO2
Scottie Dog no longer a pin. Instead is a button sewed onto the dress

$22 QCO with scottie-dog pin (retired)

Aviator Doll

This handmade doll was a special gift to Kit. She’s an aviator, just like Kit’s heroine, Amelia Earhart! Her cap, goggles, jacket, and gloves are removable.

$16 QCAD
Recode Spring 2008 Item# D7259
Waffle Iron Set

Kit loved her family’s traditional waffle dinner by the Christmas tree! Her pretend waffle iron with its porcelain top comes with a ceramic platter, two pretend waffles with whipped cream, and two artificial evergreen swags. Follow the recipes to maker waffles for your own family!

$18 QCAC
Retired Spring 2006

Kit's Holiday Baking Set
Item# F7892 $44

Kit can stir up some holiday fun with everything in this baking set. When it’s time for holiday treats, Kit can “bake” a batch of homemade cookies with everything here:
3 cookie recipe cards
2 metal measuring cups
A pretend sugar box
A pretend flour box
A pretend can of baking powder
A flour sifter with a handle that really turns
A wooden rolling pin Kit can use to “press” patterns into the dough
2 metal cookie cutters to create festive shapes in the dough
Pretend cookies on a golden platter
A festive tablecloth and star-shaped centerpiece


Happy Birthday Kit
Birthday Dress & Headband

Aunt Millie made Kit’s green calico wrap dress from a chicken feed sack! The dark green piping on the dress matches her tie-back headband.

$20 QBO

Grace the Basset Hound

Kit and Stirling found their lovable but clumsy basset hound, Grace, abandoned by her owner. Stirling made a party hat for Grace so she could join Kit’s birthday celebration!

$16 QBAA
2007 ReCode D7242

Retired Spring 2007

Kit’s Dog, Grace

Kit finds the clumsy and lovable basset hound, Grace, abandoned by her owner. She’s soft and furry, with long brown ears, a white-tipped tail, and adorable freckles on her face.

$18 Item# F7886
Retired Spring 2007

Table & Chairs

Kit’s deep jade metal table has graceful curves and a 1930s flair. The sunburst cutout designs on the chairs make them perfect for an outdoor birthday celebration.

$70 QF
Kit’s Party Treats

Celebrate Kit’s birthday with a cake roll on a platter, two candy cups, and ten pieces of make-believe taffy candy. Decorate for the party with two folding paper fans and five paper lanterns. Then use the silver server to give everyone a slice of cake.

$29 QBAP
2007 ReCode F7645
Kit’s Party Treats

Treats are the best way to celebrate a birthday, and Kit has everything she needs for a perfect party:
A chocolate roll cake on a ceramic platter
2candy cups filled with sweets and adorned with pretty pink bows
2 folding paper fans and 5 paper lanterns for decoration
A silver cake server

$29 F7645
Released 2007
Retired 2009
Glassware & Linens

Set a festive table for Kit’s special day. Start with a printed linen tablecloth and two napkins. A bright bouquet in a ceramic vase makes a perfect centerpiece. Surround it with two plates, sherbet cups with make-believe sherbet, knives, forks, and spoons, then pour two glasses from a pitcher of pretend punch!

$58 QBAC
Retired Dec 2007

Kit’s Glassware & Linens

Kit’s special birthday will be even more fun with everything in this set:
A printed linen tablecloth and two napkins
A bright bouquet in a ceramic vase for the perfect centerpiece
Two pink glass plates, sherbet cups with make-believe sherbet, knives, forks, and spoons, and two glasses of pretend punch with a pink glass pitcher.

Item# F7643 $58
Released Dec 2007


Kit Saves the Day
Overalls Outfit

Kit’s hand-me-down bib overalls and striped shirt help disguise her as a boy! Cover her head with a blue cap from her hobo friend Will.

$22 QAO
Work Boots

Dark brown boots lace up to the ankles.

Hobo Camp Supplies

Send Kit to the hobo jungle prepared with binoculars and a lantern that really works! Pack a can of tomatoes, evaporated milk, and a harmonica in Kit’s flour-sack bag to bring to her friend Will.

$24 QAAN
Retired Summer 2007


Changes For Kit
Winter Coat

Keep Kit warm during the cold Cincinnati winter in a double-breasted wool coat. Mother and Mrs. Howard made it from one Dad’s old ones!

$20 QWO
2007 ReCode D7335
Beret & Mittens

The boarders in Kit’s house lovingly made her this warm, cheerful beret from and old sweater. They even made the mittens from Charlie’s old hat!

$16 QWOA
2007 ReCode D7337
Kit’s Photography Set

Kit uses Charlie’s camera, camera case, and film to take pictures of homeless children that end up getting published in the local paper! Help Kit record her own family’s activities by completing the photograph book, which comes with five family photos to stick inside.

$20 QWAP
Retired 2007


Night Time Extras
Beach Pajamas & Slippers

A popular look in the 1930s, beach pajamas were styled after the costumes of Hollywood stars. The nautical flags on the pocket of Kit’s pajamas spell out “I love you” in code. Red slippers and a hairbow complete her look.

$20 QDO
Day Bed

Kit’s bed makes a great place to read by day—and it folds out into a double bed so two dolls can sleep side by side! The green painted frame holds a soft mattress and pillow.

$54 QB
2007 ReCode D7239
Tufted Bedding Set

Kit’s chenille bedspread has decorative fringe, and her throw pillow has tufts of yarn. The braided rug keeps her feet warm on the chilly attic floor.

$22 QDAQ
2007 ReCode D7271
Night Table

Kit’s night table keeps everything she needs for bedtime close at hand. It has wooden legs with metal claw feet, plus two drawers with decorative brass-finished pulls.

$28 QDF
2007 ReCode D7280
Nighttime Necessities

Kit can read her favorite book, Robin Hood and His Adventures, by the light of her gooseneck lamp. It really works! Her candlestick phone was already old-fashioned in Kit’s time—most phones had dials by the 1930s.

$18 QDA
2007 ReCode D7268
Kit’s Quilt & Pillow

When Kit wants to relax, she loves to curl up with her special quilt. It features a geometric pattern and hand-tied yellow tufts. The matching flower-embellished throw pillow is a perfect accent for Kit’s bed.

$22 Item# F7884

Released Spring 2008
Kit’s Striped Nightie

When the sun sets in Cincinnati, Kit dresses in this warm nightie, featuring stripe print and ruffles at the hem, cuffs, and yoke. It can be chilly in Kit’s attic bedroom, so she wears pink slippers to keep her toes warm. Girls can sweep Kit’s hair back with a pink satin headband, and then tuck her into bed for sweet dreams.

$22 Item# F6625
Released Spring 2008


Extras and Other Outfits for Dolls
Kit’s Trunk

Kit uses her mother’s old trunk for her clothes when she moves up to the attic. It’s covered in burgundy vinyl and trimmed in wood. The top lifts up to reveal a compartment where you can keep your Kit doll, and two drawers with brass handles hold her outfits and accessories.

$155 QT
Price Increase 2007 $159

Kit’s Tree House Outfit

Kit’s cardigan sweater has a blue checkerboard pattern knitted into it. She wears it with her blue skirt, knee socks, and pom-pom hat on chilly autumn days.

$24 QJO
Released 2003

Retired Fall 2007

Kit’s Reds Fan Outfit

Kit loves the Cincinnati Reds, so she’s thrilled when Mrs. Howard surprises her and Stirling with tickets to a game! On game day, Kit wears her best shorts with a plaid middy blouse and knee socks. She brings her catcher’s mitt in case a fly ball comes her way. Stirling’s friend, a batboy for the team, even gets Kit a souvenir jersey and cap! Includes Kit trading cards.

$24 QKO
Released 2004
Retired Fall 2007

Kit’s 1934 Swimsuit

In Kit’s time, swimming and playing at the beach was a cheap and easy way to stay cool on long summer days. Kit’s swimsuit has a matching swim cap to keep her hair dry. Beach shoes and sunglasses complete her look, and the parasol keeps her from getting too much sun (it really opens and closes!). Includes American Girl trading cards.

QYO $24
Released 2005
Kit’s Beach Chair

Kit’s slingback doll chair is made of wood and sturdy canvas. It folds up so it’s easy for your American Girl to carry it anywhere.

QYA $24
Released 2005

Kit’s Scooter Outfit

During the Great Depression, resourceful families made clothes from colorful feed sacks. Kit’s sleeveless feed-sack dress has orange flowers and hints of purple and green. Includes knee socks and faux suede T-strap shoes. Add her hat with matching orange ribbon for a bit of shade as she sets out with her scooter. Includes trading cards.

$26 QPO
2007 ReCode F3667
Released Spring 2006

Kit’s Homemade Scooter

An old orange crate and a little imagination become a one-of-a-kind Kit creation: a crate scooter. Use the hand straps to secure Kit as she sails through the neighborhood on shiny wheels, delivering eggs door-to-door. There’s even a place for Grace the basset hound, who howls with delight each time Kit brakes for a delivery. Includes trading cards.

$24 QSCT
2007 ReCode F3673
Released Spring 2006

Kit’s Floral-Print Dress

Kit chooses this sunny dress when she wants to play outside:
A sleeveless floral dress her mother made from a chicken-feed sack
A flower barrette for her hair
Mary Jane shoes with scalloped details

$24 Item# F6633

Released Spring 2008

Kit’s Cookstove

Kit uses this stove to help Mother cook for the family. It’s perfect for making big meals—the faux-marbleized enamel top gives her a place to keep bowls of produce handy. The doors above the stove really open, and a play temperature gauge lets Kit know how hot the stove is inside. Girls can open the firebox door to see the pretend wood fire glow.

$68 Item# F6583
Released Spring 2008

*Stove is completely made of plastic*

Kit’s Produce & Preserves

When it’s time for Kit to make preserves with her Aunt Millie, she uses everything in this set. Kit can cook up some fun in the kitchen with these accessories:
2 bunches of pretend peaches and tomatoes
A strawberry-print apron with contrast skirt and straps
2 jars with peach and tomato wedges inside
A metal strainer that can hold the produce while Kit gets it clean
A cream-colored mixing bowl and a blue metal pot with white speckles

$34 Item# F6581
Released Spring 2008

Kit’s Washday Set

When it’s time to do chores, Kit needs everything in this set. Kit can get her family’s clothes clean as a whistle with these washday accessories:
A pretend washing machine from the 1930s with rollers and an agitator that really move
A pink embroidered apron with criss-cross straps that button on
2 printed cotton hand towels
A box of play laundry soap Kit uses to get clothes clean
A drying rack that folds out so the laundry can drip-dry
A pretend iron and ironing board Kit uses to press out wrinkles
A rattan laundry basket so Kit can bring the wash upstairs

$80 Item# F6585
Released Spring 2008

Kit’s Tree House

Kit can play the day away in the tree house of her dreams. This hideaway is the perfect place for Kit to play with her friends:
A wooden tree house that’s big enough for two dolls, with a faux stained-glass window that opens and a balcony big enough for Kit to stand on
A pretend oak tree that supports the house on its sturdy trunk
A chandelier made of multicolored beads to hang from the ceiling
A lantern with glow-in-the-dark lightning bugs inside
Self-adhesive photos of Kit’s heroes to decorate the “Member-o-belia” wall
A rope and bucket to lift Kit’s dog, Grace, up to the balcony
Dimensions: W: 36" x H: 37" x D: 23"

$250 Item# F6589
Released Spring 2008

Kit's Play Suit
Item# F8952 $28

Kit loves the whimsical “bunny pilot” print of this outfit—her hero is pilot Amelia Earhart! When Kit wants to run and play, she chooses this comfortable outfit, featuring:
A one-piece play suit with a sleeveless faux-wrap bodice, attached belt, and cuffed shorts
A pretty blue hairbow that’s perfect for keeping Kit’s hair back
White socks and two-tone oxford shoes

Released 2009

Kit's Reporter Dress
Item# F8950 $28

When Kit’s hot on the trail of a news story, she stays cool and comfortable in this outfit:
A floral dress with a wide collar, bright red trim, and a belt at the waist
A red headband to sweep back her hair
White socks and red shoes with swirly stitching at the toes

Retired 2010

Kit's Reporter Set
Item# F8954 $28

Kit has a nose for news, so she always keeps this set handy. Your American girl can help Kit get the scoop on a big news story with this set:
A flip-top journal and a fountain pen for taking notes
A fabric pouch for Kit to carry her supplies
A newspaper bundle
A pretend accordion-style camera and a Kodak® film box
5 stickers—pretend photos that show a girl’s-eye view of the Great Depression

Retired 2010

Kit's Summer Dress
Item# T6696 $28

Kit wears her fanciest outfit for a special day:
• A lacy floral dress with a ruffled yoke, a tiered skirt, and a satin sash that ties in back
• A pretty satin hairbow to sweep back her hair
• A pair of cream T-strap shoes with punch details

Released Jan 2011

Kit's Candy-Making Set
Item# F9445 $64

Special edition - while supplies last Kit loves making her own gifts—and sharing treats! This set includes a pretty outfit and sweet supplies: A make-believe double boiler that's perfect for "melting" the two pretend chocolate squares from the candy box. A spoon that Kit can use to mix the chocolate before pouring it into the candy mold. Three faux chocolate bunnies. Three sheets of netting and three satin ribbons to wrap the bunnies. A pretty basket rimmed with fabric flowers to carry the treats. A fancy pink dress for Kit—it has a sheer yoke, a tiered skirt, and a satin bow across the waist. Shiny pink T-strap shoes to match her dress.

Released Feb 2014

Kit's Hairstyling Set
Item# F9463 $12

Your girl can mix and match this set to give Kit a new 'do! These barrettes are perfect for pinning back her blond hair. Includes a vintage-style barrette card, just like the real thing from the 1930s.

Released Feb 2014


Books and Extras for Girls

Kits Books Series 4 Covers
Paper Back $6.95
Hard Back $12.95

Kits Books Series 3 Covers

2002 Kit's Home Run $4.95,
2003 Kit's Tree House $4.95

Hard Cover $29.95



Kit's Short Story Collection
illustrated by Renee Graef, Susan McAliley, and Walter Raneby Valerie Tripp
This keepsake anthology contains the short stories Kit’s Home Run and Kit’s Tree House, as well as three brand-new adventures: Kit's Winning Ways, Kit Uses Her Head, and Kit and Millie Ride Again.
Kit Kittredge’s family has gone from rich to poor virtually overnight because of the Great Depression. Now that Kit’s father has lost his job and the family has turned their home into a boarding house, Kit is doing extra chores and going without the things her family can’t afford. Making do isn’t easy—or fair. With each adventure, Kit is determined to make a difference for her family and her community.
The collection includes “Looking Back” essays and a ribbon bookmark.
Hard Cover $12.95
Available August 2006

Hard Cover $16.95

Hard Cover $15.95

Kit’s Reading Poster
$5.95 ALAQP 22"x24"

Meet Kit Poster
$5.95 QPT 18"x24"

Stationary Set $9.95

Art Studio $14.95

Paper Back $12.95

Paper Dolls $9.95

Fashion Studio $17.95

Color & Craft $14.99

Magnetic Mini World $9.95

Collection 2

Paperback $6.95

Paperback $6.95

Paperback $6.95
Hard Cover $10.95

Paperback $6.95
Hard Cover $10.95

Paperback $6.95

Kit: An American Girl
DVD $14.95

Motion Picture Soundtrack $15.00

PC Game

Movie Trading Cards

Frame Puzzles

DS Game

Kit’s Mystery Party
$105 GPKAQ

A super birthday party for super sleuths! Kit’s mother discovers something valuable missing from their home. Everyone has a motive, so everyone’s a suspect! It’s up to you and your friends to read the secret clues, crack the code, and track down the culprit. This all-in-one mystery party includes the following:
• 1 party-planning guide
• 8 invitations and envelopes

• 1 vinyl tablecloth (W: 54”, L: 108”)
• Plastic stars and dots table confetti
• 2 silver-star waterfall table decorations
• 3 rolls of crepe paper
• 3 sets of hanging paper character stars
• hat box platform
• doll stand
• doll balloon

Place settings
• 8 star placemats
• 8 sets of girl-sized dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, forks, and spoons
• 8 sets of doll-sized round plates, cups, and sporks
• 8 sets of girl-sized napkins and napkin rings (rings double as ponytail holders!)
• 8 sets of doll-sized napkins and napkin rings (rings double as ponytail holders!)

Favors & activities
• 8 sets of favor bags with ribbon handles, tissue, name tags, and sticker sheets
• 10 table talkers featuring trivia questions
• 8 compact mirrors (used to read answers on table talkers)
• 8 copies of Danger at the Zoo: A Kit Mystery paperback book
• 1 Kit’s Mystery Party Game
• 1 party memory book

• 8 thank-you postcards


White underwear originally sold with Kit Doll in meet outfit.
Tortoise shell comb originally sold with Kit's School Outfit