With stories to read, friends to meet, and lasting lessons to learn, there's a whole new world to explore here at Hopscotch Hill School. So go ahead....
Hop into school with us!

Girls ages 4 to 6- and parents, too-will cherish these sweet stories. Each book has a "Dear Parents" section with activities created by teachers and child development specialists that will help you nurture your daughter's confidence and enthusiasm- While building skills she can call on for a life time.

Logan Doll and Book:
Your 16-inch Logan doll arrives in cropped overalls, a long-sleeved stripped tee, underware, knee socks, and boots. Her ladybug journal fits in a matching backpack, and hair bands, keep her blond ponytails tight. Logan's head is posable and her arms and legs bend-helpful for catching up with creepy crawlies, as she does in her book.

Doll, Outfit & Book VDP2- $48
Lady Bug Outfit VOB- $22
Book Only 5765X- $3.99

Skylar Doll and Book:
Your 16-inch Skylar doll arrives in a long-sleeved tee, reversible vest, sport skirt, underware, and sneakers. Her shiny journal fits ina handy tote, and star bobby pins, help tame her brown curly hair. Skylars\'s head is posable and her arms and legs bend at the elbows and knees-great for bouncing around, as she does in her book!

Doll, Outfit, and Book VDP3-$48
Starry Outfit VOC-$22
Book Only 57668 $3.99

Hallie Doll and Book:
Your 16-inch, Hallie doll arrives in a sweater set, petal skirt, tie-dyed tights, underware, and Mary Janes. Her butterfly journal fits in a crocheted purse, and a headband keeps her auburn hair our of her pretty green eyes. Hallie's posable head and jointed arms and legs make her a perfect partner for acting out scenes from her book!

Doll, Outfit, & Book VDP1-$48
Butterfly Outfit VOA-$22
Book Only 57641- $3.99

Retired: June 2006

Castle Carrying Case:
Open the doors to this doll case and it becomes a place for pretend! There's a doll throne, three hangers, drawers for all the little stuff, and a handle on top. W:13", H:21", D: 5 1/4"

VCA- $38

Retired: June 2006

Rainbow Activity Board:
This cleaver board has everything little "teachers" need: chalkboard, magnetic dry-erase board, magnetic alphabet set, pull down calendar and world map, five static cling sticker sheets, two erasers, counting beads, chalk, black dry erase marker, colorful caps to top the marker and chalk, and a storage drawer.
W:22 1/2", H:18", D:5".

VCB $44

Dress-Up Trunk:
Includes doll-sized butterfly wings, bunny nose and bunny ears, reversible firefighter helmet/ construction hardhat, bandanna, cowbow hat, reversible cowboy and construction worker vest, belt, and sea princess costume, with seashell headband. Fits inside Castle Carrying Case. W: 5 1/2", H: 5 1/4", D: 4".

VTR- $26

Flowerpot Desk:
Just the right place to blossom! This doll-sized desk has a chalkboard desktop, chalk, a storage drawer, and a mini math book and mini spelling book. W:6", H:7", D:8 1/2".

VFD $24

Gym Class Outfit:
Great for games, giggles, and getting wiggles out, this set has a screen-printed tee and sweatpants, sneakers, and gym socks, hair bands, and a zip-up hooded sweatshirt. There's a water bottle, too!

VOD- $22

Recess Play Set:
Recess is everyone's favorite subject! Play set includes a hula hoop, jump rope, batting tee with plastic ball and bat, hopscotch toss toy that's also an eraser, ruber ball, and a reversible vinyl activity mat with playground games, including hopscotch! A vinyl case carries it all.

VAR- $24

Retired: June 2006

School Spirit Outfit:
this sporty doll outfit includes a polo shirt, plaid skirt, tights, and saddle shoes. Add a fun finishing touch with a varsity jacket, baseball cap, and a school penant!

VOE $22

Gwen Doll and Book:
Your 16-inch Gwen doll arrives in her soccer outfit: a jersey, conertible pants, that turn into shorts, underware, socks, and shoes. Her sporty backpack holds her journal and soccer ball, and soccer-ball hairbands keep her brown braids neat. Gwen's head is posable and her arms and legs bend. Hurray! She just scored another goal! Read all about it in her book.

Doll, Outfit & Book VDP4 $48
Soccar Outfit Only VOF $22
Book Only 59016 $3.99

Retired: June 2006

Hair Care Kit:
Watering can carry case holds a wire wig brush shaped as a leaf, a flower-shaped mirror, two butterfly clips, and four ponytail holders.

VHK $8

Retired: June 2006

Teacher Play Kit:
You can act- and look!-like a real teacher. Fabric-covered three ring binder doubles as a learning surface and storage case.
Teaching materials include:
Teachers glasses, Star shaped pointer, Butterfly shaped eraser, poster with school rules, write and wipe attendance & weather sheet, multicolor felt letters, animals & shapes that stick to the outside of binder, 4 copies each of 6 fun worksheets, 20 sheets of lined writing paper, 4 sheets of reward stickers, 4 write-and-wipe report cards, Instruction sheet to get you started.
You can make additional copies of all the paper sheets. W: 12", H: 12", D: 3".

VGS $24

Keepsake Pillow for Girls:
Tuck your baby teeth into this pillow, and the tooth fairy will find them everytime! Designed to hang on a doorknob. Includes five envelopes for safekeeping that read "First Tooth", "Second Tooth", and so on. W: 4", H:7 1/2"

VGT $16

Retired: June 2006

Razzi Rabbit:
Everyone loves taking care of the class mascot! razzi is a fuzzy rabbit with posable ears. Take him out of his tree trunk cage and put more lettuce in his food dish. His water bottle looks like a carrot!

VRC $18

Art Class Outfit:
She'll paint with all the colors of a rainbow in this laminated smock that fastens in back, turtleneck sweater, embroidered jeans, and kerchief, and shiny clogs. Your dolls. art supplies include paintbrush and palette.

VOH $22

Picture Day Outfit:
Your doll will smile for the camera in this jacket with decorative patches and faux fur, cap-sleeve tee, corduroy skirt, striped tights, and faux-suade boots. Includes a newsboy hat and memory album with class photo stickers.

VOG $22

Doll Stand:
Put your Hopscotch Hill School doll on this display or steady her while you play! This doll stand has a painted wooden base and sturdy metal supports.

VDS $15

Duckling Incubator Set:
Pretend to hatch ducklings in your classroom! Turn on the flower lamp, and keep three eggs warm under the cover of the incubator till three fuzzy ducklings hatch. What will you name your new friends? W: 6 1/4", D: 4 1/4".

VHS $20

Released Spring 2005

Field Trip Outfit:
Field trips are so much fun! Dress your doll in a floral-print top, red capris, a bucket hat, and comfy sandals. Pack her yummy lunch-plus duck treats!- into a drawstring backpack.

VOJ $22

Released Spring 2005

Teasing Trouble

Spencer loves to make everyone laugh—especially Hallie! He always has something funny to say. But when Spencer’s joking goes too far and Hallie’s feelings are hurt, she helps Spencer see that being kind is more important than being a joker. The “Dear Parents” section includes ideas and activities created by teachers and child specialists to help parents nurture their children’s skills and boost self-confidence. Paperback. 48 pages.

57676 $3.99

Retired: June 2006

The One and Only Delaney

Miss Sparks’s class is putting together a presentation about sea creatures, and cheerful Delaney hums while she helps her friends paint pictures of seabirds and write poems about mermaids. But as she works, Delaney begins to think that she’s not nearly as talented as her friends. She worries that she has nothing of her own to bring to the presentation—until Miss Sparks helps Delaney discover her unique talent for bringing her friends together through music. The “Dear Parents” section includes ideas and activities created by teachers and child specialists to help parents nurture their children’s skills and boost self-confidence. Paperback. 48 pages.

5992X $3.99

Retired: June 2006

The Fair-Share Pair

Connor and Logan have fun sharing the little red car from the classroom toy corner—until Logan pretends the car is a ladybug and gets it all muddy during recess. Connor, who likes things clean and tidy, is horrified. How can two children who are so different learn to share the same favorite toy? When Connor and Logan discover that they have something in common—a great imagination—they find a solution to their problem and become a true “fair-share pair.” The “Dear Parents” section includes ideas and activities created by teachers and child specialists to help parents nurture their children’s skills and boost self-confidence. Paperback. 48 pages.

59938 $3.99

Retired: June 2006

Lindy’s Happy Ending

By Valerie Tripp
Lindy has great ideas, but she forgets to finish what she starts. When she forgets to put the lid back on the ducklings’ box, she really lets trouble loose in the classroom! Paperback. 48 pages. Level 2 early reader.

59911 $3.99

You Can Do It! Job Chart

Just like Lindy, you will learn how to finish what you start with this interactive job chart. Special stickers remind you to brush your teeth, put away toys, care for pets, and more. (Colorful reward coupons also help parents motivate children to finish tasks.)

59946 $9.95

Retired: June 2006


Hopscotch Hill School Story Time Fun Pack

This story and craft kit gives you bite-sized stories with big lessons about sharing, persistence, thoughtfulness, and more. After reading each story card, you can flip it over and create a fun and easy craft—with a parent’s help, of course! Includes story cards, craft supplies, and a booklet of parent tips on encouraging creativity in children. Paperback. 64 pages.

90029 $12.95

Retired: June 2006


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