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Officially released on October 19th 2000, American Girl Mini Rooms began to light up the lives of girls everywhere.
Girls could choose a room set and then set those "rooms" into a base station. Bases were powered and could be linked together to power multiple rooms and accessories. Sets came with items that needed to be plugged into one of the 7 small outlets in each base. Originally all the moldings and trims were made of wood. Eventually, those items changed to plastic because of safety issues with breakage and splintering. The sets were finally discontinued because of additional safety and reliability issues. Many returns were made of the product citing electrical failures and overloads to the transformers. Many sets didn't light properly and were defective.

Sets including the Blue Room, Purple Room, and the Stable went through multiple revisions changing the sets of products that were sold. The stable seems to have had the most revisions moving pieces and parts around. On the whole full collections stayed the same with items just being moved from one "Set" to another.

Lil' Basics

Power Platform
This wooden display platform is electrified so lights really work! Includes six tiny outlets, a plug-in transformer, detachable feet, and stacking pins. Use it alone, or attach it to the top of an Illuma-Room for a rooftop patio, funky family room, or pint-sized pet playroom! (W:14", H:2 1/2", D:11")

YP $38

All the decorating magic happens inside this wooden display box. Walls are magnetic so panels and trim attach and can be moved easily. Box is electrified so lights really work!
• Magnetic interior walls
• Pre-wired with seven tiny outlets
• Plug-in transformer
• Detachable feet
• Two stacking pins
W:14", H:12 3/8", D:11". Cannot be gift-wrapped.

YB $48 later $52

AG Mini*s Drawer
When you don't want to display your whole collection, store the extra pieces in this drawer. It attaches easily to the bottom of the room. Includes detachable feet, plus two stacking pins and hole covers. W:14", H:7 1/4", D:11".

YSDF $38

Dust Cover
Want to protect your AG Mini*s from dust, strong breezes, curious pets, or little brothers? Better get a dust cover. It's a see-through acrylic window in a wood frame with magnets that stick to the front of the Illuma-Room.

YDCV $14 later $16

Connector Set
To electrify multiple Illuma-Rooms (maximum of six) with only one plug, you'll need this set. It comes with a multiroom transformer and five connector cables (two are shown here). Hooking them together is a cinch!

YTK $18

Complete Blue Room
Includes Illuma-Room, Blue Decor Set, Bubble Bed Set, Squiggly Desk Set, Cool Things, and Shiny Things. Shown with dust cover, sold separately. Illuma-Room and Blue Decor Set cannot be gift-wrapped.

YBC $148
Later Revised $178

Blue Decor Set
All pieces attach to magnetic interior walls. Just pop them on, then change them around!
• Three reversible wall panels
• Window with reversible shade and scene
• Wood baseboard and crown moldings
• Ceiling and wood floor

YBW $32

Bubble Bed Set
Comes with a bubble bed, two pillows, fluffy reversible comforter, squiggly night table, phone, table lamp, poster, and floor lamp.

YBF1 $44

Squiggly Desk Set
You get all this for your room: squiggly desk and chair, desk lamp, "reversidot" rug, notebook, and tiny planner.

YBF2 $32

Shiny Things
Comes with a whirly swirl, mini magnetic board with five dot magnets, sandals, picture frame, Dot the dog, and a beanbag chair.

YBA1 $20

Cool Things
Little things add lots of fun! Includes a purse, trash can, magnetic rack with three American Girl magazines, blooming plant, magnetic retro hat rack, plus two hats.

YBA2 $18

Second Release Revised

Bedding Set
Includes Bubble Bed, Reversible Comforter, Reversible Bed Pillow, Reversible Throw Pillow, Night Table, Reversible Dot Rug, Telephone, Floor Lamp and a Table Lamp.

YBF1R $48

Squiggly Desk Set
You get all this for your room: squiggly desk and chair, reversible poster, desk lamp, notebook, and tiny planner.

YBF2R $34

Whirly Little Things
Whirly Swirl and bulletin board, magazine rack, hat rack and 2 hats.

YBA1R $20

Mod Little Things
Includes Baby Blooms, beanbag chair, Dot the Dog, purse, tin trash can, picture frame, and flower sandals!

YBA2R $20


Blue Room Add-ons
Orange chair, orange potted flowers, bear, two pieces of reversible wall art, reversible comforter, bed pillow, throw pillow, window treatment, reversible rug, and three reversible walls


Complete Purple Room
Includes Illuma-Room, Purple Decor Set, Purple Bed Set, Dressing Table Trio, Flowery Little Things, and Beary Little Things.

YPC $178

Purple Decor Set
All pieces attach to magnetic interior walls. Just pop them on, then change them around!
• Three reversible wall panels
• Window with reversible shade and scene
• Wood baseboard and crown moldings
• Ceiling and wood floor

YPW $32

Purple Bed Set
Includes: Purple bed, comforter, two pillows, nightstand, two lamps, poster, phone.

YPF1 $44

Dressing Table Trio
Includes a Hollywood vanity, velvety tuffet, vanity tray with perfume bottles, and powder. You get a floor lamp and reversible rug, too!

YPF2 $34

Beary Little Things
Lots of little accessories add up to big fun! Includes Teddy the bear, magnetic ribbon board with seven pictures, box of tissues, wastebasket, flowers, two hat boxes, plus magnetic flower clock.

YPA2 $20

Flowery Little Things
Includes all these AG Mini*s: magnetic mirror, sandals, flowering cactus, flowery frame, hair dryer, and metal chair with reversible cushion.

YPA1 $20

Second Release Revised

Bed set: Includes purple bed, comforter, two pillows, nightstand, two lamps, phone,and reversible rug.

YPF1R $48

Dressing Table Set
Hollywood vanity, velvety tuffet, perfume bottles with vanity tray, powder, floor lamp, and reversible poster in frame.

YPF2R $34

Timely Little Things
Includes clock, ribbon board, mirror, tissue box, wastebasket, yellow flowers, and two hat boxes.


Luxe Little Things
Includes: magnetic mirror, sandals, cactus, metal chair, reversible cushion, picture in frame, teddy bear, and hair dryer.

YPA2R $20


Purple Room Add-ons
Green beanbag chair, potted flowers, red bear, reversible red/green bed cover, bed pillow, throw pillow, flower rug, two reversible pieces of wall art, reversible window treatment, three reversible walls


Complete Stable Set
Includes Illuma-Room, Stable Decor Set, Small Stall Set, Glitter's Gear Set, and Saddles & Stuff. Shown with dust cover, sold separately.

YSC $178

Stable Decor Set
All pieces attach to magnetic interior walls. Just pop them on, then change them around!
• Three reversible wall panels
• Window with reversible scene
• Front support beam with barn swallow's nest
• Ceiling and wood floor
All Decor Sets fit any Illuma-Room. Cannot be gift-wrapped.

YSW $26 Later $32

Small Stall Set
Have fun setting up the stable of your dreams with all this! Set includes stall front, lighted hayloft, beam with lights, and two corner supports. Also comes with stable mat with bedding, corner feed tub and salt block, ladder, five hay bales, water bucket, water spigot and hose, oat bin and scoop, plus Ralph the rooster!

YSF1 $44

Glitter's Gear Set
You need horses, of course! And these are real collectible Breyer® Horses made exclusively for AG Mini*s. Includes Glitter (6 1/2" tall) and her foal Glitz (4 1/2" tall), their reversible blankets, two lead ropes and halters, three-hook hanger, wheelbarrow, manure fork, shovel, broom, and treats.

YSF2 $42

Saddles & Stuff
Little things for a horse? Of course! Set includes a plastic tote with grooming tools (rubber currycomb, metal currycomb, mane comb, coiled lead rope, hoof pick, body brush, and finishing brush), western saddle and bridle, English saddle and bridle, hunt cap, saddle brackets, bridle brackets, and paddock boots. Horse sold separately.

YSA $32

Second Edition Revised

Horse Stable Box Set
Comes with Illuma Room and the Stable Decor Set, Illuma Room has magnetic Interior Walls, plus 7 tiny outlets and a plug-in Transformer that brings the mini-lites to life.

YSB $84

Glitter & Glitz
Palomini Mare & Sorrel Foal, Reversible Blankets, Halters, 2 Lead Ropes, Stall Mat with bedding, 5 Hay bales, Oat bin with scoop, Ralph the Rooster

YSF1R $34

Little Tack
Includes western saddle, pad, and bridle, English saddle and bridle, hunt cap, and paddock boots. Glitter and Glitz sold separately.

YSA2 $20

Little Tools
Wheelbarrow, Manure Fork, Shovel, Broom, Bucket of Treats, Grooming Tote, Hoof Pick ,Mane Comb, Metal & Rubber Currycombs, Finishing Brush, Coiled Lead rope, Body Brush

YSA1 $20


Small Stall Set
Includes stall front, lighted hayloft, support beam, two corner supports, feed tub and salt block, ladder, water bucket, water spigot and hose, two bridle brackets, two saddle racks, and hanger with three hooks.

YSF2R $48

Complete Lil's Diner
Includes Illuma-Room, Diner Decor Set, Booth Set, Counter Set, Darling Diner Things, and Luscious Little Things.

YDC $148
Later Revised $178

Diner Decor Set
All pieces attach to magnetic interior walls. Just pop them on, then change them around!
• Three reversible wall panels
• Metal door with open/closed sign
• Wood baseboard, chair rail, and crown moldings
• Ceiling and floor

YDW $32

Booth Set
You get all these things for your diner: four diner booths, two tables, two napkin dispensers, pay phone, two-pane window and tube light, ceiling light, plus two sets of reversible signs!

YDF1 $48

Counter Set
Have fun deciding where to put all these pint-sized pieces: three-pane window and tube light, front and back counters, four stools, five menus and holder, coffee maker, malt mixer, two fountain pumps, Lil's Diner sign, and light switch.

YDF2 $34

Darling Diner Things
Includes cash register (the drawer opens!) and stand. Also comes with an ice cream scoop, newspaper funnies, magnetic wing clock, Hershey's cocoa, malt glass, trays and mugs, plus ketchup and mustard.

YDA1 $20

Luscious Little Things
What's a diner without food? The set includes six tasty menu items (all permanently arranged on pink place mats): burger and fries, hot fudge sundae, cheeseburger, chocolate cake, chocolate donut, and grilled cheese. You also get two tabletop jukeboxes.

YDA2 $20

Complete Groovy Room
The '70s live on in a riot of patterns and bright colors. This collection includes the Includes Illuma-Room, Groovy Room Box Set, Stylin' Seating Set, Stylin' Art Set, Funky Little Things, and Blooming Little Things.

YRC $178

Groovy Decor Set
Includes three reversible wall panels, a ceiling with crown molding, a parquet wood floor with baseboard trim, and a window with a beaded curtain and reversible scene.

YRW $32

Stylin´ Seating Set
Includes sofa with reversible cushions, two throw pillows, coffee table, see-through lounge chair, dome lamp, flower table, two-tube lamp, green side table, and reversible furry rug.

YRF1 $48

Stylin´ Art Set
Includes side table, orange phone, address book, wall mirror, ceiling light, furry cabinet, vase of flowers, and four-piece reversible wall art.

YRF2 $34

Funky Little Things
Includes cat/pig pillow, magic rock, bead burst, umbrella with stand, pink purse, and green shoes.

YRA1 $20

Blooming Little Things
Includes two flower wall plaques, plant with hook and hanger, furry boa, green purse, foot rug, and three wall hooks

YRA2 $20

Complete Loft Apartment
It's an urban oasis that's cool to come home to! This collection includes the Includes Illuma-Room, Loft Apartment Decor Set, Retro Furniture Set, Micro Media Set, Entertaining Little Things, and Enchanting Little Things.

YMC $178

Loft Decor Set
Includes three reversible wall panels, a ceiling with crown molding, a wood floor with baseboard trim, and three arched windows to show off reversible city scenes.

YMW $32

NOTE: After the attacks of 9/11 the window decor sets changed. Original sets had images of the "Twin Towers" skyline of New York City.

Retro Furniture Set
Includes sofa and cushions, reversible ottoman, tripod side table with lamp, spangly throw pillow, animal-print pillow, reversible rug, and floor lamp.

YMF1 $48

Micro Media Set
Includes big-screen TV that lights up with two images, remote control, lounge chair and cushions, wavy-frame painting, media shelf, two small paintings in frames, books, and bookends.

YMF2 $34

Entertaining Little Things
Includes corn tree plant, wire magazine rack with magazines, camera, basket-weave purse, and bowl of apples.

YMA1 $20

Enchanting Little Things
Includes flame table, vase, three fun flowers, bottle collection, video game, keepsake box, and pen pal mail.

YMA2 $20

Complete Rooftop Patio Set
Dine under the stars! This collection includes the wooden pergola, reversible patio floor, round table, four chairs with reversible cushions, three lanterns, three birdhouses, a pretend wrought-iron railing, and lots of green things: a vase of flowers, grapevine and leaves with tiny lights, potted grapevine and leaves with trellis, single and double topiaries in pots, window box, and potted tulips.

YAG $72

Complete Petite Boutique Set
Shop 'till you drop in this set! This set includes the Illuma-Room, Boutique decor set, Shop Fixtures, Display Shelves, Hip Handbags, and Fancy Footware.


Boutique Decor Set
The decor set includes a pretend tin ceiling with crown molding, a sparkly linoleum floor with baseboard trim, three reversible wall panels, a door with handle, bell, and mirrors, and an open/closed sign.


Shop Fixtures
Includes cash register on lighted stand, five magnetic display cubes, four shopping bags, four wall hooks, and a working ceiling light fixture.


Display Shelves
Includes Lighted storefront window with reversible scene, bench with reversible cushion, two reversible wall shelves, three-tiered display stand, six reversible signs and a partial sheet of sale stickers.


Hip Handbags
Includes Eight handbags and purses, six bottles of perfume, a pencil cup, and a phone.


Fancy Footwear
Includes six pairs of shoes with tissue-lined boxes and three flower picture frames.



Breyer bay yearling, halter and lead rope, lunge line and whip, horse play ball, rubber pan with grain, two pieces of fencing, light pole, watering tank, seven dandelions, three chickens, birdhouse, robin, robin’s nest, tree with leaves, 24 hanging apples, three sheets of snow, reversible floor (grass/snow).


Complete Cabana Set
“The sea, the sun, the sand- it’s your own tiny tropical paradise!”
Sandy beach floor, reversible canopy and beach mat, palm tree and fruit, beach table, two chairs with reversible slings, three beach lanterns bucket, shovel, shells, sand castle, crab, tropical plant, two beach towels, pretend transistor radio, inflatable inner tube, beach ball, beach bag, sandals, flip-flops, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen.


Lil' Pets

Callie the Cat
This calico kitty lives a life of leisure in her custom-built condo! Callie has a welcome mat, dinner mat and dishes, pretend Science Diet® cat food and Bonkers® Cat Treats, plus The Care and Keeping of Felines book. Entertain her with a feather toy, sparkle ball, and itty-bitty mouse!
Bonkers® is a registered trademark of Doane Pet Care Company, Inc.
Hill's Science Diet® is a registered trademark of Hill's Nutrition, Inc.

YSCA $24

Jack the Dog
You can give this Jack Russell terrier more than a good home—this pad's a petite palace! Jack has a supper mat and dishes, pretend Science Diet® dog food and treats, a collar, leash, dog disc, ball, and bone, plus The Care and Keeping of Canines book.
Hill's Science Diet® is a registered trademark of Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.

YSDA $24

Hamster Pals
Your two hamsters, Harry and Hailey, will live in high style! Check out their fancy hamster high-rise, plus the carrier and bedding for comfy travel. Feed them tasty treats, then play with the exercise ball. Enjoy The Care and Keeping of Hamsters book and Fuzzy Creatures Quarterly.

YSHA $24

Six tropical fish, Flower-shaped LIGHTED aquarium with reversible backdrop, fish in a bag (too cute!), pretend food, net, and a book about caring for saltwater fish. The aquarium lights up!


Lil' Extras

Slumber Party
Everything you need for a mini sleepover. Set comes with two sleeping bags and pillows, plus two pairs of cozy slippers. Yummy snacks include a bowl of popcorn, pepperoni pizza and cutter, two slices on plates, plus two cups with straws. For late-night fun, there's a beauty kit and three books: Super Slumber Parties, The Care and Keeping of Friends, and Games and Giggles.

YSNA $24

Sporting Gear
What's your favorite sport? There's something for every player: in-line skates, tennis racket and can of tennis balls, sneakers, swimsuit and towel, skateboard, plus soccer ball. For time-outs, there's a flower power sports bag, bottle of Gatorade, and Good Sports book.
GATORADE trademark used under license from Stokely-Van Camp, Inc.

YSSA $24

Ceiling Fan
Keep the air movin' and groovin' with a four-bladed fan that plugs in and spins. A little light keeps things nice and bright!

YAF $20

A flea-market find...or a designer original? Jeweled plug-in ceiling fixture casts a soft glow on any Mini*s room.

YAC $20

Holiday Decorations
Includes three stockings on snowflake hangers, a sparkle snowflake wreath, five wrapped gifts, pink kitty, five holiday cards with holder, plate of holiday cookies, glass of milk, and five candy canes in a glass.

YSHD $20

Christmas Tree
Includes green sparkle tree, string of lights, white sparkle garland, star tree topper, fur-trimmed tree skirt, and 54 ornaments: red balls, snowmen, and snowflakes.

YSHT $28

Lava Lamp
Light up the night with a '70s-style lava lamp! Purple "lava" glows when you plug it in.

YAL $20

This space age stereo records up to a minute of music or sounds and plays back at the push of a button!


Tiki Party Set
Tiki mat, flower garland, two bird-of-paradise plants, two illuminating tiki torches, two tiki statues, tablecloth, napkin holder with ten napkins, cake with stand, platter of fruit kabobs, four tiki mugs, plates and forks, four floral leis.

These products are appropriate for children 8 and over.
AG Mini*s™ is a trademark of Pleasant Company.
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