Kirsten: 1854
Kirsten Larson is a brave, steadfast pioneer girl growing up on the Minnesota prairie in 1854. Her stories begin with her long, dangerous voyage with her family from Sweden to America. At first, Kirsten finds it difficult to get used to this strange new country. But as she makes friends and discovers what her new land has to offer, she learns the true meaning of home—and that love is the same in any language.

Kirsten's collection was announced for retirement in 2009. Items remained available until late December 2009.


Meet Kirsten
Your Kirsten doll has bright blue eyes that open and close, and beautiful blonde hair that you can brush, braid, and tie with ribbons. She has a huggable soft body with head, arms, and legs that you can pose. She can sit, stand, and hold the accessories in her collection.
Kirsten comes in a blue calico dress—her first real American dress. It has a “grow stripe” at the bottom that her mother let out as she grew taller. She wears the red and white apron she brought from Sweden with a pocket to hold her treasures. Her brown-striped stockings are covered by fancy pantalettes. Girls took pride in keeping pantalettes snowy white—a hard thing to do in muddy fields and cabins on the prairie. Soft brown lace up boots complete her outfit.

Kirsten was introduced to the American Girls Collection in 1986
(See appendix)
Kirsten’s Accessories

Tuck her embroidered hankie in her apron pocket and tie her spoon bag around her waist. It comes complete with a wooden spoon. Swedish farmers had just enough knives, spoons, and forks for their own families. When they went to feasts or celebrations, they took their own eating utensils with them in a spoon bag. Tie Kirsten’s red-checked sunbonnet on her head and hang the amber-colored heart around her neck. It’s Kirsten’s keepsake given to her by her grandmother before she left for America.

$20 KMA
2007 ReCode D6232


Kirsten Learns a Lesson
School Dress with Shawl

Mrs. Larson probably made Kirsten’s red-print school dress out of leftover material from her own dress—the first mother-daughter styles! Since girls didn’t wear jackets, Kirsten has a plaid shawl that you can tie around her so she won’t get cold on her long walk to school across the prairie. Her outfit includes dark blue woven hair ribbons.

$22 KSO
2007 ReCode D6279
(See appendix)

Pioneer School Lunch I

Pack a lunch for Kirsten in this charming oval wooden box. In Sweden, it’s called a “tine.” Kirsten’s father might have carved and decorated hers with its traditional wood-burned design.
Pioneer food was simple but hearty. For lunch, give Kirsten a piece of bread, a sausage, a wedge of cheese, and a juicy wild apple. Kirsten’s make-believe food is tucked in the tine along with a woven napkin.

Discontinued 2000

Pioneer School Lunch II

Pack a lunch for Kirsten in this charming oval wooden box. In Sweden, it’s called a “tine.” Kirsten’s father might have carved and decorated hers with its traditional wood-burned design.
Pioneer food was simple but hearty. For lunch, give Kirsten a piece of bread, a sausage, a wedge of cheese, and a juicy wild apple. Kirsten’s make-believe food is tucked in the tine along with a woven napkin.

$18 KSAL
Slate Bag & Supplies

Pencils and paper were scarce in early country schools, so Kirsten did her lessons on a slate. When you play school with her, you’ll see that the slate pencil really works, so it comes with a wiper, too. A ruler completes the school supplies that come in her own brown calico slate bag.
Read a tiny version of the original book that Kirsten used when she learned to read English.
When Kirsten does a good job in school, you can giver her the Rewards of Merit just like she earned in the story. These were the report cards for girls and boys back then.

$18 KSAB
Kirsten’s School Bench

There were no desks in Kirsten’s one room school, so she sat on a split-log bench cut from a tree in the forest. A stream ran past Powderkeg School, and Kirsten loved to have Miss Winston send her to fetch a bucket of water so the class could have a cool drink from the ladle. A trip to the stream also meant she might see her friend Singing Bird.

$38 KSF
Retired 2006


Kirsten's Surprise
Saint Lucia Gown

In Sweden, on the darkest day of the year, the oldest daughter dresses up as the Saint Lucia girl. She wears a beautiful white gown with a red sash and a wreath of glowing candles to symbolize the coming of brighter days. On Saint Lucia Day she wakes her family before daylight and takes them coffee and sweet buns.
Your Kirsten doll can wear her long white gown trimmed with a bright red sash. Matching red hair ribbons and red-and-white-striped stockings are included with her outfit.

$20 KCO
Saint Lucia Wreath

Kirsten’s crowning glory is the traditional Saint Lucia wreath with red ribbons, lush greens, plump berries, and six tall wooden candles. Imagine how proud she’ll feel and how beautiful she’ll look when you put it on her.

$16 KCAW

Saint Lucia Tray I

Kirsten’s blue tray holds a wooden candle to light her way on the darkest day of the year, when she carries two make-believe Saint Lucia buns to her family. A heart-shaped candleholder, a sprig of greenery, and a checkered cloth brighten the tray.

This original version of her tray has flat handles.
Retired 1994

Saint Lucia Tray II

Kirsten’s blue tray holds a wooden candle to light her way on the darkest day of the year, when she carries two make-believe Saint Lucia buns to her family. A heart-shaped candleholder, a sprig of greenery, and a checkered cloth brighten the tray.

$16 KCAT
Released 1994

Kirsten’s Doll

What would Christmas be without a doll? Kirsten loved Sari, the rag doll she brought all the way from Sweden. Since dolls were handmade in Kirsten’s time, Sari’s dear face is hand-stitched. A tiny five-inch doll for Kirsten and you to treasure.

$16 KCAD
2007 ReCode D6143

Kirsten's Holiday Treats
Item# F8477 $68

Kirsten loves to bake traditional Swedish holiday treats for her family, and this set has everything she needs. Kirsten can share a little Christmas cheer with everything here:
5 pretend candles that sit in a pretty wooden candle holder
A bunch of pretend apples that fit inside a decorated ceramic bowl
Pretend cookies and buns on a curved wooden tray
A woven cloth table runner
A speckled metal tea kettle
2 ceramic cups with bird designs


Happy Birthday Kirsten
Apron Dress & Daisy Wreath

Fir Kirsten’s first American birthday she wore a summery dress checked in apple blossom pink and covered with a crisp white apron—a gift from Mama—buttons smartly in the back. Beige-and-white-striped socks complete the outfit. Best of all is the daisy wreath for you to place on Kirsten’s lovely long blond hair. It’s the crowning touch for a spring-time birthday girl.

$22 KBO
Friendship Quilt & Quilt Kit

Kirsten’s quilt has been sewn from individual patchwork squares, tufted by hand, and inscribed with the same special message that Kirsten’s friends wrote on hers. Best of all, the quilt just fits Kirsten’s bed and keeps her warm on cold winter knights. Keep Kristen’s doll, Sari, warm too by making her a tiny quilt with your patchwork quilt kit. Appliqué the little hearts in three of the blank squares, then embroider your initials in the other one. The kit comes complete with a hoop, appliqués, a needle, thread, and patchwork pieces already sewn together.

(before the Quilt Kit was added to this set, the Friendship quilt was sold separately for $18 KBAG)
Kirsten’s Party Treats

For pioneer children, a day without work was a special day indeed. So on her tenth birthday Kirsten was allowed to leave her chores behind and join her friends for a day of fun.
Re-create Kirsten's birthday celebration with a hand-carved wooden salt box brimming with field flowers, lots of plump strawberries, and a heart-shaped cake on a wooden platter, just like Mama made.

(originally this set also included the Quilt Kit and sold for the price of $26 KBAP the kit was added to the Friendship Quilt in 1998)

Kirstens Pottery

Set the table for Kirsten’s birthday party with the same style of simple stoneware dishes and wooden bowls the Larson family had. The pottery is handmade and is a reproduction of an old folk art design. Each piece features a little bird hand-painted in cobalt blue. The plates are edged in the traditional spongeware pattern.
A complete service for two includes: two plates, two mugs, two wooden bowls, a pitcher, two knives, forks, and spoons a woven runner, and two napkins.

(See appendix)

$54 KBAC

Trestle Table & Chairs

Kirsten’s trestle table and two matching chairs are copied from the sturdy furniture that early Swedish settlers like the Larsons made for their simple cabins. Here the family gathered to eat, to play games, to listen to Papa read from the Bible, or to write letters back to relatives in the “old country.”
Like theirs, your table and chairs are hand-crafted of solid pine, finished to a rich honey glow. The chairs feature a charming heart cutout in the back—a reminder that the family table was the heart of a pioneer home.

$75 KF

Mama Cat & Kitten I

Springtime on the farm brought new baby animals. Kirsten’s favorite was the tiny gray kitten that Missy, the mother cat, almost forgot. Both animals have the softest coats you’ve ever felt, made with real fur, and bright green eyes. Their little pink tongues are just waiting to lap up a saucer of cream at Kristen’s birthday party.


Retired 2000
(see appendix)

Mama Cat & Kitten II

Springtime on the farm brought new baby animals. Kirsten’s favorite was the tiny gray kitten that Missy, the mother cat, almost forgot. Both animals have the softest coats you’ve ever felt and bright green eyes. Their little pink tongues are just waiting to lap up a saucer of cream at Kristen’s birthday party.

Released 2000
2007 ReCode F7411

(see appendix)


Saves the Day
Summer Dress & Straw Hat

After the heavy woolens Kirsten wore all winter, this cool summer dress with pale blue stripes, short sleeves, and tiny oval buttons felt so light and airy. Top it off with the straw hat that Kirsten longed for. It’s tied with a black ribbon and trimmed with a bunch of bright cherries.

$22 KAO
Red Boots

Lace up boots in cherry red are the perfect addition to Kirsten’s wardrobe.


Fishing Set

Kirsten’s mischievous adventure began when she was sent to the stream to get fish for supper. First she filled her bait basket with three grasshoppers and a tiny green frog, tying them carefully in the little checkered cloth. Then she took her pole and her wicker basket—an early fishing creel—down to the stream, where she caught three wiggly, slippery trout. If only she’d stayed at the stream and out of trouble!

$22 KAAN

Fourth of July Fun

Whenever Kirsten went far from the cabin she took a little wooden bird whistle so she could whistle for help if she got in trouble. She certainly needed it the day she went after the honey in the big tree! But what a treat that honey was—enough to fill two handmade stoneware crocks right up to their plump corks. Kristen packed them in a homemade crate and took it to town on the Fourth of July when the family went to trade at the store. The honey earned her a new straw hat and a 31-star flag to wave at the Independence Day activities announced on the village handbill.

$18 KAAS discontinued


Changes for Kirsten
Winter Skirt & Blouse

Kristen’s winter outfit was inspired by a festival costume from the “old country.” The white blouse has full peasant sleeves and a button at the keyhole opening of the neckline. The heavy black wool skirt has a beautiful braid woven in a floral pattern at the waist and bands of red and green at the hem. Two hair ribbons woven in bright colors add an enchanting touch.

$18 KWO
Hand-Knit Woolens

Mama knitted Kirsten's sweater, hat, and mittens in traditional Scandinavian patterns out of natural wool sheared from black and white sheep. She’ll need them when she walks the trap line with Lars. Knit with wool-blend yarn.

$24 KWOA
(now referred to as Knit Woolens, early catalogs also say this about the Hand-Knit Woolens, “This authentic set is handmade so only a limited supply is available.”)
Flannel Underwear

When frosty winds blow across the prairie, snuggle Kirsten into her flannel underwear. The chemise comes down almost to her knees, and there’s a deep quilted border on the petticoat for added warmth. To keep her toes toasty, there’s a pair of black-and-white-striped socks.

$16 KWAU
Winter Pastimes
On long winter days in the cabin, Kirsten would play with her thaumatrope, spinning the disk so the bird would hop into its cage—an optical illusion that’s as fun today as in 1854. Paper dolls helped fill the long hours inside, too. There were a treat for pioneer girls who had few playthings. And on days when Kirsten worked on the trap line with Lars, she would strap on her snowshoes and walk for miles on top of the deep snow.

$20 KWAF discontinued

Kirsten’s Snowshoes

Strap on Kirsten’s snowshoes for her long walk across the snow.

$10 KWAS

Carpet Bag

Practical pioneers used scrapes of carpet and sewed them together into roomy satchels to hold their belongings. Scraps of leather were used for handles just like the ones on this carpetbag.

$18 KWAL


Night Time Extras
Kirsten’s Bed

Kirsten will sleep soundly in this sturdy wooden bed with its charming hand-painted design on the end. The soft, tufted mattress and matching pillow are covered in striped ticking. The heart-shaped hand-holds at each end make it easy for you to carry the bed, or lift it in and out of the matching trunk.

$58 KB
Kirsten’s Washstand

Kirsten’s wooden washstand makes a handy bedside table. It has a traditional Swedish painted design that matches her trunk and bed. The cupboard door and drawer open and close so you can tuck her treasures inside.

$32 KDF
Nighttime Necessities

Warm Kirsten’s toes over the wood-framed foot stove before she climbs into bed. In pioneer days, the pan inside was filled with hot coals that gave off heat. Read her a chapter from Peter Parley’s book of Fables, and then blow out the make-believe candle in her “hogscraper” candleholder.

$18 KDA

Housecoat & Sockor

Button Kirsten’s cozy plaid housecoat over her nightgown. Pull the collar up snugly around her neck—it’s lined underneath with fabric from one of Mama’s aprons! Sturdy hand-felted wool slippers, called sockor in Swedish, keep her feet warm. They’re handmade in Sweden.

$20 KNO

Kirsten’s Nightgown

B-r-r-r. Imagine how cold pioneer cabins were on frosty winter nights. Kirsten needed a heavy flannel nightgown to keep warm after the fire burned out. It’s trimmed with blue stitching on the yoke, lace around the collar, and a bow at the neck.

$20 KDO
2007 ReCode D6198


Extra's and Other Outfits for Dolls
Kirsten’s Trunk

Early settlers had no closets in their simple cabins. Instead, they kept their belongings in big hand-painted trunks. Kirsten’s family carried all their possessions from Sweden across the ocean in one like this. You can keep all of your treasures for Kirsten in this sturdy wood trunk with its three compartments for storing her clothes and accessories. It has heart-shaped handholds and onion feet, and is hand painted with a traditional pattern. And best of all, it’s big enough to hold Kirsten and her bed, too! A wonderful way to keep them safe and sound until tomorrow—and for years to come. More than a toy; a replica of times past.

$155 KT
Price Increase 2007 $159
Kirsten’s Shoes & Socks

Kirsten’s assortment includes new black lace-up boots, brown striped stockings, and two pairs of striped socks.

$14 KXOS
Released 1991

2007 ReCode D6328
Ribbons for Kirsten

Kirsten’s assortment of woven hair ribbons includes a pair each in royal blue, multicolor, red, creamy beige, and dark blue.

Released 1991

Scenes & Settings
KW $55
W: 58” H: 24”

Swedish Dirndl & Kerchief

This is the outfit Kirsten wore on the long, hard boat ride from Sweden to America. Its traditional striped skirt is topped with a peasant blouse of unbleached muslin. Decorative laces close the front of the plaid vest. Cover her head with the flowered kerchief when the cold ocean winds blow. B-r-r-r.

$22 KXO
Released 1989
Kirsten’s Work Dress

After the long walk home from school, Kirsten changed into her work dress to help Papa with the chores. Its apple green with stripes of plum purple and pine green. It comes with ribbons just the color of the thick cream that filled her bucket when she milked the cow.

$20 KPO
Released 1991
Two-Tone Boots

Lace up Kirsten’s cream-colored boots trimmed in brown at the heels and toes.

Released 1991

2007 ReCode D6254
Kirsten’s Skating Outfit

Minnesota winters were long and hard, but Kirsten still found ways to have fun. She especially loved to skate on the stream near the Larsons’ cabin. Mama made Kirsten a warm coat from a heavy wool Hudson’s Bay blanket. Cream colored with red stripes, the coat had a cozy hood with a red tassel in back and buttons that were carved out of horn.
Wrap Kirsten’s red scarf around her neck, and help her strap on her ice skates—they have little cut-out hearts in their blades.

$28 KLO
Limited Edition Outfit Released 1997

Kirsten’s Checked Dress & Apron

Mama helped Kirsten choose the fabric and cut out the patterns for her gingham dress and yellow shawl. But the embroidered trim on her navy apron was Kirsten’s idea! Also includes two navy blue hair ribbons.

$22 KHOS

Released 1999

Kirsten’s Plaid Dress & Shawl

Kirsten stays warm on her walks to and from school in her fringed shawl over a pretty dress. Tie her braids with purple hair ribbons.

$24 KJO

Released 2003
Retired 2005

Kirsten’s Midsummer Outfit

Mama made Kirsten this polka-dot dress for the traditional Swedish Midsummer celebration, held each summer on the longest day of the year. Kirsten carries her Midsummer bouquet in a painted wooden basket. You can tie some flowers in her hair, too! Includes four Kirsten trading cards

$24 KKO
Released 2004

Retired 2006

Kirsten’s Recess Set

Mama makes Kirsten a special coat, using wool that she wove herself, and buys a hat that she trims to match. Kirsten wears the set to school on special days and keeps it neat by playing quiet games at recess. Help her play beanbag toss using the target and three beanbags, and cheer when she hits the bull’s-eye!

$28 KASO
Released Summer 2006

Retired Fall 2007

Kirsten's Baking Outfit
Item# F8475 $28

Kirsten loves to wear this outfit for special days. It includes:
A paisley dress with puffed sleeves and a full skirt
2 blue hairbows to tie back her braids
A beautiful muslin apron that’s embellished with Swedish patterns
A pair of faux wooden shoes her father “painted” with traditional designs


Books and Extras for Girls

Series 4 covers
Paperback book $6.95 / Box Set $39.95
Hardcover book $12.95/ Box Set $74.95

Series 3 Covers
Paperback book $5.95 / Box Set $34.95
Hardcover book $12.95 / Box Set $74.95

2000 Kirsten and the New Girl $3.95, 2001 Kirsten Snowbound $3.95,
2002 Kirsten and the Chippewa $4.95
2003 Kirstens Promise $4.95, 1999 Kirsten on the Trail $3.95

Kirsten's Short Story Collection
illustrated by Kim Lewis, Philip Hood, Renee Graef, and Susan McAileyby Janet Shaw

This keepsake anthology contains all five of Kirsten’s short stories: Kirsten on the Trail, Kirsten and the New Girl, Kirsten’s Promise, Kirsten and the Chippewa, and Kirsten Snowbound!
Kirsten Larson is learning how to fit in and make friends in a new land called America. Mama warns her of the dangers in the Minnesota frontier wilderness; yet, Kirsten grows to love the different places and people she encounters. With each adventure, her quiet strength and open heart help her discover the true meaning of home.
The collection includes “Looking Back” essays and a ribbon bookmark.

Hard Cover $12.95
Available August 2006

Hard Cover

Hard Cover

Kirsten's Magnetic Mini World

Collection 2

Kirsten’s Reading Poster
$5.95 ALAKP

Meet Kirsten Poster
$5.95 KPT

Kirsten’s Paper Dolls II

Stationary Set

Theater Kit

Paper Dolls I

Cook Book

Craft Book

Kirsten’s Patterns $18

Straw Ornaments $16

Weaving Loom $26


Original pantelettes that come with the Kirsten Doll in her "Meet" outfit.
Kirsten’s wooden lunch box is slightly different from the original. This is one case where the new version is actually of better quality than the original. The old version is made of a thinner wood and the design on the wood is painted on. The new wooden box is made of thick wood and the design is actually engraved into the wood. The new pattern is also more elaborate. This change took place in 2000.
The first version of Kirsten’s School Dress and Shawl was originally a different pattern than the one offered today. The two fabric scans show that the original dress had a pattern of white division signs, while the current dress has more of a traditional calico pattern, the dress style remained the same. This change in the fabric pattern took place in 1991.
The original design was soft and more detailed. the set was hand painted and produced by Rowe Pottery.
Lowering production cost became a necessity. The current design seems more like a quick sketch. It is a ultra thin decal under the glaze.
Mama Cat & Kitten set was originally made of fur. The cats were also a darker color, closer to black or a dark grey than to the current light grey, and a little bit smaller. The current cats have bendable wire inside their bodies, the mother cat can bend her legs and tail and the baby cat can bend its tail. This change took place in 2000.