Molly: 1944
Molly McIntire® is a lively, lovable, patriotic girl growing up in 1944. Her stories describe her life on the home front during World War Two. Molly doesn’t like many of the changes the war has brought, and she especially misses her father, who is away caring for wounded soldiers. But Molly learns the importance of getting along and pulling together—just as her country has to do to win the war!


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Meet Molly

**See Appendix**

Your Molly doll has soft gray eyes that wink and blink behind her shiny glasses. Her thick pigtails are fun to braid and tie with ribbons, or you can let them out and brush her long wavy hair. Molly is soft and huggable with arms and legs that move so you can have her sit, stand, and hold all the accessories you collect for her.
Molly wears a sporty outfit featuring a navy blue sweater with a stylish green and red argyle pattern. Push up the sleeves as she would have back in 1944. Under her sweater Molly wears a dickey—a removable collar trimmed in blue rickrack. Her navy blue wool skirt flares smartly. Red hairbows, white anklets, and black Mary Jane shoes finish the outfit.

$87 MDP Molly Doll & Paperback Book
$92 MDH Molly Doll & Hardcover Book
$110 MDBP.MBXP Molly Doll & Paperback Book Set
$150 MDBH.MBXH Molly Doll & Hardcover Book Set

Released 1986

Molly’s Accessories

Tilt Molly’s navy blue beret at a jaunty angle and slide her shoulder bag over her arm. Inside, tuck her monogrammed hankie and a 1943 steel penny that was used during the war when copper was in short supply. Cut out the pictureof Molly’s dad and paste it in her locket. While Dad was away at war, Molly kept his picture inside the heart—and she never forgot to wear it.

$20 MMA
(penny becomes a reproduction coin in 1994)
Halloween Hula Costume I

Molly and her friends wanted to be glamorous hula dancers for Halloween, so they made their own costumes. Molly’s outfit included a green paper hula skirtand a big red sweater. She wore a fluffy yellow Hawaiian lei around her neck with a matching wristlet and flower for her hair. She decorated a sack for her treats and wore a mask to trick the neighbors.

$20 MXO
Released 1989
Retired 2004
Halloween Outfit II

Give Molly a Hawaiian makeover with this hula skirt and sweater, flower lei and bracelet, and hair accessories. It’s just like the costume Molly wore in Meet Molly. Includes a paper treat sack and a special mask for a disguise.

$22 MXO2
Reintroduced in 2004


Learns A Lesson


Plaid Jumper & Blouse

Molly certainly looks smart for school in her plaid jumper with crisp box pleats. Under it, she wears a white cotton blouse with buttons in front and lace trim around the cuffs and Peter Pan collar. Tie the green hair ribbons around her braids for the finishing touch.

$22 MSO

Molly's School Lunch I

Metal was in short supply during the war, so Molly didn’t get a brand-new lunchbox of her own. Instead, she carried her lunch to school in a paper sack.
Molly’s food wasn’t fancy, but it sure tasted good—a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a carrot stick, a piece of celery, a ripe pear, and a cookie for desert. You even get 10 practical paper napkins!

Molly’s Lunchbox

Metal was in short supply during the war, so Molly didn’t get a brand-new lunchbox of her own. Instead, she carried her lunch to school in a red lunchbox that was a hand-me-down from her sister Jill.
Molly’s food wasn’t fancy, but it sure tasted good—a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a carrot stick, a piece of celery, a ripe pear, and a cookie for desert. You even get 10 practical paper napkins!


Price and Code Change Late 2006:
$20 F5425

Molly’s Lunchbox
Item# F7850 $20

During the war, supplies are short, so Molly enjoys a simple lunch:
A peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich, a carrot stick, a piece of celery, a ripe pear, and a cookie for dessert
A red lunchbox that is a hand-me-down from her sister, Jill.
10 paper napkins

School Bag & Supplies

Molly carried her school supplies in a bright red school bag. It has a handle and a shoulder strap for easy carrying. Molly’s name is on the front, and there is even and outside pocket where she kept her milk money.
There’s plenty of room inside the book bag for her three-ring notebook that holds real paper. Snap open the rings and slip the blue canvas pencil case onto them. The pencil case has a zipper so Molly’s eraser and pencils—one colored and two regular ones—won’t fall out.
Molly has English and arithmetic homework to do. Help her practice her math with a pack of tiny flash cards. Her English book is 32 pages long. It’s filled with colored pictures and interesting exercises for you to read and do with Molly. And if Molly works hard, you can giver her and “A” on her report card.

$20 MSAB

Code Change:
$20 F5433

Molly’s School Desk

Molly loved everything about school except Miss Campbell’s horrible multiplication bees. And she might even like those if you sit her straight and tall in her desk and help her practice her flashcards. The desktop lifts up so all her school supplies and books fit inside. There’s a pencil groove in the top, and the seat swivels so she can make a quick getaway for recess!

$68 MSF


Molly's Surprise

Evergreen Velvet Dress I

Molly’s Christmas dress of evergreen velvet has collar and cuffs of snow white lace. Styled with a princess waistline, it’s full circle skirt twirls when Molly spins around. It comes with crisp white bows for her braids. Even her pesty brother Ricky must admit Molly looks beautiful in this outfit.

Retired 1997

Evergreen Velvet Dress II

Molly’s Christmas dress of evergreen velvet has collar, cuffs of snow white lace, and white pearl buttons down the front. Styled with a princess waistline, it’s full circle skirt twirls when Molly spins around. It comes with crisp white bows for her braids. Even her pesty brother Ricky must admit Molly looks beautiful in this outfit.

$22 MCO

Molly’s Christmas Box I

There are always surprises at Christmas, and some of the best ones come in the mail. Open Molly’s big box and find two presents inside. A miniature snowball on a wooden base, and the doll of Molly’s dreams dressed as a Red Cross nurse in apron, cape, and cap with sleepy eyes.


Molly’s Christmas Box II

There are always surprises at Christmas, and some of the best ones come in the mail. Open Molly’s big box and find two presents inside. A miniature snowball and the doll of Molly’s dreams dressed as a Red Cross nurse in apron, cape, and cap.

$16 MCAD

Molly’s Stocking I

Hang Molly’s striped Christmas stocking next to yours—it’s bulging with surprises! A wooden ballerina, a yo-yo that really works, a flip book with moving pictures of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, two white barrettes for Molly’s hair, a candy cane, and a paint set. Lot’s of tiny treasures for you and Molly to play with on Christmas Day and all year long.

(See Appendix)

Molly’s Stocking II

Hang Molly’s striped Christmas stocking next to yours—it’s bulging with surprises! A little ballerina, a yo-yo that really works, a flip book with moving pictures of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, two white barrettes for Molly’s hair, a candy cane, and a paint set. Lot’s of tiny treasures for you and Molly to play with on Christmas Day and all year long.

$18 MCAS
Retired 2006
Molly’s Radio

There were few televisions in 1944, so families gathered around the radio for news and entertainment. You can listen in just like the McIntires did on Christmas Day. Press the red button to hear snippets from actual World War Two era shows. There’s even a special message from Captain McIntire!

$20 MCAR
Introduced 1994
Retired 2005


Happy Birthday Molly
Party Pinafore & Birthday Crown

Three cheers for the birthday girl! Molly’s party pinafore is the perfect dress for a celebration. It has three tiers of ruffles edged in bright-colored rickrack and a sash in back that ties in a bow. Even her anklets have bright red trim. Molly wanted to look particularly pretty for her party, so she brushed out her braids and topped her long wavy hair with a shiny red and gold party crown. Doesn’t she look like a princess?

$20 MBO
A Playful Pup

Molly’s little dog, Bennett, was a special surprise on her birthday. Slip his red leash over Molly’s hand or let him sit on her lap and you’ll see that they’re made for each other. Bennett is a soft, furry pup with big brown eyes. He’s sure to win a place in your heart just like he did in Molly’s.

$16 MBAA

A drop-leaf table is cozy enough for one or two and big enough for a whole party of friends! A practical piece of furniture found in almost every dining room in the ’40s, yours is made of pine with a warm walnut finish. It has two leaves to fold up and down as you play. And there’s a pair of sturdy chairs with turned legs to match the table in the early American style that was popular when Molly was growing up.


Chrome Table & Chairs

This 1940s kitchen table has rounded corners, shiny chrome trim, and a cheery red formica top. The curvy chrome chairs have cushy padded seats.

$65 MFR
(See appendix)
**If you have more information on the changes to this set please email me.**

China Tea Set

Molly thought a proper English tea party was a wonderful way to celebrate her tenth birthday. You can set the table for Molly’s party with china just like the McIntires had. The red and white set with its cheery flower pattern was derived from one found in a 1944 mail-order catalog.
The complete tea set includes a teapot, a sugar bowl, a creamer, two cups and saucers, two plates, two ceramic-handled knives, forks, and spoons, a striped-border table cloth, and two red-print napkins. Help Molly put the kettle on and you’ll all have tea!

$54 MBAC

Code Change Late 2006:
$54 F5429

Molly’s Party Treats

Molly wanted all the regular American party trimmings even though she was having a proper English tea for her tenth birthday. And that meant a great big chocolate cake with fancy frosting and removable candles, as well as four shiny poppers with surprise sayings inside, four polka-dotted blow outs, two candy cups filled with little colored hearts, and a bright yellow balloon with a special acrylic holder. To make the party table especially pretty, Molly added the bright red geranium for a centerpiece. “Happy birthday, dear Molly…”

$25 MBAP

Price and Code Change Winter 2006:
$29 F5435

Molly’s Party Treats
Item# F5435 $29

It’s time for birthday festivities, and Molly’s favorites are all here:
A big chocolate cake with fancy frosting and removable candles
Four shiny poppers that have surprise sayings inside
Two candy cups filled with little, colored hearts
A bright yellow balloon
A bright red geranium for a beautiful centerpiece

Party Games

You can play the same party games that Molly and her friends played at her birthday in 1944. Pin the Tail on the Donkey always ended up with everyone in giggles! And Drop the Clothespins in the Bottle looked easy but was surprisingly hard. The milk bottle (yes, milk really came in glass bottles in the ’40s!) comes with five wooden clothespins (no, dryers weren’t invented in the ’40s!). And just for fun there’s a pair of red roller skates and a blue jump rope so Molly can play just like she and Emily did in the story.

$20 MBAG
Retired Spring 2006


Molly Saves the Day
Camp Gowonagain Uniform

Every morning at Camp Gowonagain’s flag raising ceremony, Molly had to pass inspection in her uniform. She wore her red shorts, a crisp white shirt with its blue camp tie, and her hat with the camp’s logo on it.

$22 MAO
**Whistle added after capture the flag gear was discontinued**

Molly's Camp Outfit
Item# F6197 $28

Every morning at Camp Gowonagin’s flag-raising ceremony, Molly has to pass inspection in this uniform:
A crisp white shirt with a blue camp tie
Red shorts
A hat sporting the camp’s logo

Saddle Shoes

Saddle shoes in navy blue and white add a spiffy touch to Molly’s wardrobe.



Camping Equipment

Molly brought all the required equipment for her stay at Camp Gowonagain: a real, working flashlight, a compass for nature hikes, and a mess kit in a green shoulder bag, with tin plate, cup, and pot that nest together in the frying pan. For evenings around the campfire, Molly made a sit-upon to keep her bottom dry. Your sit-upon kit comes with red gimp to thread through the holes in the vinyl pouch and a newspaper to tuck inside. It’s a copy of the Chicago Tribune’s D-Day edition of June 6, 1944—an historic day for every American girl in the ’40s.

$18 MAAN

Capture the Flag Gear

Molly wore a blue armband the day her team set out the capture the 48-star flag. With whistle and canoe paddle in hand, she led the Blue Team, wearing her armband, on a sneak attack to a secret beach where they could surprise the Red Team. You’ll know why she had a bean can full of creepy crawlers only if you read the book. As she said in her letter to Dad when she sent him a picture of the winning moment. “it’s a long story…”

$18 MAAS

**Once Retired Whistle began being sold with Camp Outfit**

Molly’s Pup Tent

Molly can’t take Bennett to camp, so she brings Camp Gowonagin home to Bennett with this set. Molly’s favorite dog can experience camp life just like she did with this set, featuring:
A self-standing “pup” tent that’s olive green on the outside and striped on the inside
A pretend Rescue Dog application and treat
“ K-9” saddlebags that Bennett can wear with the help of a belly band
Also includes trading cards for girls

$20 F5706

Released Spring 2007

Molly’s Sleeping Bag

When Molly goes to camp, she brings Dad’s old sleeping bag, which has a full zipper and plaid flannel lining to keep her cozy on cool nights. It comes with an olive-green duffel bag, featuring a drawstring and hand strap, that Molly can use to pack up the sleeping bag when it’s time to return home. It also comes with trading cards for girls.

$20 F5704

Released Spring 2007

Molly’s Camp Tent

This canvas-walled tent helps girls imagine what it was like to spend two weeks with Molly at Camp Gowonagin. The tent features printed floor planks and a frame that provide a sturdy base for the canvas that is screen-printed with the Camp Gowonagin logo on the sides and “Tent No. 6” on the front. The window flaps roll up and can be secured with ties to let in fresh air, plus the sides open for camp cleaning day. Buttons on the stairs play camp sounds and the Camp Gowonogin song. The tent fits two dolls in sleeping bags and includes trading cards for girls. Some assembly required. W: 19" x H: 17 1⁄2 " x L: 21"

$72 F5816

Released Spring 2007


Changes for Molly

Slicker & Rain Hat

Keep Molly warm and dry in her bright yellow slicker and matching hat. The raincoat closes up the front with fireman’s clasps and buckles the sleeves to keep her snug.

$22 MWO

Retired Spring 2007

Umbrella & Galoshes

Perfect for puddle-jumping are these bright red vinyl boots that zip up the sides and a big red umbrella that opens wide.

$14 MWOA

Retired Spring 2007

Molly Winter Outfit

Molly can jump puddles all day in her bright yellow slicker and matching hat. Her red vinyl boots that zip up the side will keep her feet warm and dry.

$24 F6356

Released Spring 2007

Winter Activities

Being sick with a fever and an earache was no fun for Molly. Give her the pretend eardrops tree times a day and keep the tissues nearby to wipe her runny nose. At least the kaleidoscope and army nurse paper dolls will pass the time as it ticks away on the working bedside alarm clock. Keep the patriotic “Hurray for the U.S.A.” poster nearby to remind Molly that she needs to get better in time for the show—but will she?
Get her dressed in her Miss Victory Outfit and getter to the show in time!

$20 MWAA
**Retired and outfit continued to be sold seperately**
Miss Victory II

Molly loves going to her tap dance class, and hopes her teacher, Miss LaVonda, will pick her to be Miss Victory at the “Hooray for the U.S.A.” show. That way, she can wear the sparkly Miss Victory costumewith its matching skirt and shiny star headband.

MVO $20
Retired Spring 2006


Miss Victory Costume III

Molly loves going to her tap dance class, and hopes her teacher, Miss LaVonda, will pick her to be Miss Victory at the “Hooray for the U.S.A.” show. That way, she can wear the sparkly Miss Victory leotard with its matching skirt, shiny star headband, socks, and tap shoes. Includes trading cards.

$28 MVC
Released Fall 2006

Molly’s Stage & Screen

Help your dolls re-create Molly’s Miss Victory performance onstage, or seat them in the theater seats (sold separately) to watch a feature film. Set includes a stage with pullout stairs, velvet curtains that can be tied back, and a scrolling backdrop with five different images. Press one of three sound buttons to hear applause, a musical movie intro, or an excerpt from Molly’s Miss Victory song. Position two portable stage lights and rotate the gel screens to change lighting colors. When you’re finished playing, collapse it down for under-bed storage. Includes trading cards. W: 25”, H: 30”, D: 10”. Assembly required.

Stage requires 3 AA batteries and each light requires 3 AAA batteries, not included.

$140 USA

Velvet Theater Seats

Molly and her friends often went to the movies to watch feature films and to get news about the war and other current events. Make your dolls comfortable for the show in this set of two quilted velvet theater seats—they even flip up! Set includes two movie tickets, a bag of pretend popcorn to share, pretend licorice whips, and trading cards. W: 17”, H: 14 1/2”, D: 8 1/2”.

$40 USAA

Molly’s Curl Kit

In Molly’s day, a permanent wave kit cost about $1.25! This kit includes a pretend blow dryer that sounds real when switched on, and a permanent wave box with nine perm rods, a pack of perm papers, and a perm solution bottle. It also includes a hair net, 24 bobby pins, two tortoiseshell hair combs, a doll-sized hairbrush, and instructions plus trading cards.

$28 MXOK

Plaid Suitcase

Molly carried this handy plaid suitcase trimmed in green vinyl when she went to Miss LaVonda’s dance class. Open the clasp and there’s a pocket inside the lid that’s a perfect place for her star headband.

$18 MWAL

Molly’s Undies

A cotton knit undershirt and matching panties, a ruffled slip, and a pair of red and white argyle knee socks make up Molly’s underwear set. It comes with bobby pins just like Molly used to set her hair with.

$14 MWAU
(see Appendix)


Night Time Extra's
Molly’s Pajamas

Tailored and trim, Molly’s pajamas are classic. They’re made of the softest red-and-white-striped material. They have traditional styling with cuffed pants and sleeves on her shirt, and a matching belt. With the Trunk and the bed they’re the perfect combination for Molly, the girl who loves stars and stripes.

$20 MDO
Robe and Fuzzy-Wuzzies

Deck Molly out for bedtime in a tailored robe of navy blue with a snappy nautical print and plenty of bright red piping. Tie it over the top of her PJ’s with the twisted cord belt, then slip on her furry fuzzy-wuzzies slippers to keep her tootsies toasty!

$20 MNO
Molly’s Bed I

Sporty but soft, Molly’s bed has an upholstered headboard that matches the bedspread. Both are bright red corduroy with candy-striped trim. There’s a candy-striped pillow to top it off, and under the spread is a fluffy white mattress. No wonder Molly’s friends like to have sleepovers at her house!

$40 MB
Retired Spring 2006

Molly’s Bed & Accessories II

Decorate Molly and Emily’s room just as it would have been in 1944. The doll bed has an upholstered headboard that matches the bedspread. Both are bright red corduroy with candy-striped trim. There’s a soft white mattress, a candy-striped pillow, and a fringed throw pillow. The fringed rug is the perfect place for the two friends to sit while they page through Emily’s scrapbook. Includes trading cards.

$58 MB2
Released Summer 2006

Molly’s Nightstand

Molly’s wooden nightstand is painted bright white with cherry red accents to match her trunk and bed. Set her lamp on top, and store her book on the shelf below. The pull-out drawer is the perfect place to put her glasses when it’s time to go to sleep.

$28 MDF
Nighttime Necessities

Tuck Molly under the covers, and snuggle the hot water bottle in beside her so she stays warm. Read her a spooky chapter from an authentic Nancy Drew mystery book from 1944, The Quest of the Missing Map. When it’s time for lights out, switch off her bedside lamp—it really works!

$18 MDA
Discontinued Fall 2006

Molly’s Nightstand Accessories

Tuck Molly under the covers with her hot-water bottle at her feet to keep them warm. Be sure Molly’s clock is set at the right time—it really works! Read her a suspenseful chapter from an authentic Nancy Drew mystery book from 1944, The Quest of the Missing Map. When it’s time for lights-out, switch off her bedside lamp—it really works!

$24 F5102
Released Fall 2006

Molly’s Vanity Table

While preparing to land the part of Miss Victory, Molly wants nothing more than to have beautiful, curly locks. This wooden dressing table and fabric-covered stool give Molly a place to sit while getting her hair done. Vanity has a fabric skirt that slides open to reveal a storage drawer underneath and a decorative, three-panel mirror that sits on top. Includes trading cards.

$60 MDF2

Molly’s Mirrored Chifforobe

This exquisite wooden chifforobe was a common piece of bedroom furniture in Molly’s time. The front features a full-length frosted mirror and a smaller make-up mirror, plus a bottom drawer that pulls out for storage. Open the two large doors—the right door has faux drawers on the front—to reveal enough space to store up to two dolls on stands or the chifforobe accessories: a quilted taffeta garment bag with a see-through window; a shoe storage system with eight pockets for doll shoes; and a coordinating quilted laundry bag with a drawstring top. Includes trading cards. W: 17”, H: 24 1/2”, D: 9”.

$175 MTFC

Molly's Bed & Bedding
Item# F0460 $47

A cheerful way for girls to perk up Molly and Emily's bedroom, this set includes: A bright-yellow bed that features turned-wood spindles, a style popular in 1944. A pretty yellow bedspread with a dainty lattice print. A soft pillow and a plush mattress

Molly's Floral Pajamas for Dolls
Item# F0466 $24

When it's time for bed, Molly unbraids her hair and wears these pretty PJ's. They feature: A soft cotton top with sweet flutter sleeves and patch pockets. Matching pajama pants trimmed in blue ribbon. Sling-back slippers with dainty heels for a fancy touch.


Extra's and Other Outfits for Dolls
Molly’s Trunk

Silver and white, shiny and bright! Molly’s trunk is a real sparkler, right down to the stars on the lining inside. A glamorous but sturdy version of the footlockers sailors used during World War Two, it is made of wood covered in white metal, and trimmed with nickel-plated hardware. Inside are three drawers and a red-framed mirror that gleams above the built in shelf. Three heart-trimmed wire hangers are included. Your Molly doll fits right inside the trunk so you can keep her safe and sound. Made to last a lifetime.

$150 MT
Retired Summer 2006
**Mirror attached in 1990**
Ribbons for Molly

Four pairs of ribbons in red, green, white, and blue. Ideal for trimming Molly’s braids.

Released 1991
Molly’s Shoes & Socks

Black patent shoes with straps that snap closed are easy for Molly to put on. With them come white anklets, white socks with red trim, and red and white argyle socks.

$12 MXOA
Released 1991

Molly's Scenes and Settings
MW $50

After-School Outfit

Whether she was working in the Victory Garden or collecting bottle caps for the Lend-A-Hand contest, Molly always changed out of her school clothes and into this play outfit. Tuck her plaid flannel shirt into her blue corduroy pants and trim her braids with smart blue ribbons.
Whether she’s raking leaves or planting turnips (Yuk!) in the Victory Garden, she’ll be comfortable.

$18 MPO
Released 1991
Retired 2006

Classic Brown Oxfords

Everyone wore lace-up oxfords in the 1940s. They’re the perfect addition to Molly’s after-school outfit.

Released 1991

Retired 2006
Molly’s Tennis Outfit

In the 1940s, tennis was considered a healthy form of exercise for girls and boys. You can help Molly practice her backhand! First, dress her in a sporty three-piece ensemble of cool, striped cotton chambray: a camp-style blouse, shorts, and a flared overskirt. Tie her red tennis shoes on tight, and tie her braids on top her head with a striped ribbon so she’s ready to play.
Molly’s tennis racket comes with a monogrammed cloth cover—there’s a pocket on the outside to hold her tennis ball.

$28 MLO
Released in 1997
Molly’s Bike

When she wasn’t roller skating outside in the fresh spring air, Molly might have ridden a sturdy bicycle just like this one. Based on a two-wheeler from the early ’40s, Molly’s bike is equipped with working light, a rearview mirror, a wire basket, and a handlebar horn to toot” to friends. The toe clips keep her feet secure as you wheel your Molly doll around.

$54 MBK
Released 1998
Retired 2005

Molly’s Aviator Outfit

Molly was thrilled that her aunt Eleanor was learning to fly—especially since she got to go along for a ride! On flight day, Molly wore twill khakis and a bomber jacket with the WASP emblem. She tucked her braids under the aviator helmet and wrapped a jaunty scarf around her neck right before takeoff.

$22 MHO
Released 1999

Retired 2006

Route 66 Outfit

Molly stays cool and comfortable in this pretty blue linen dress with eyelet trim. Her white crew hat keeps the sun out of her eyes!

$22 MTO

Released 2002
Discontinued Spring 2006

Route 66 Accessories
Molly’s vacation souvenirs are a mule bank and a Route 66 pennant. Press the button on her camera to see scenes from her trip.
**Also included, but not shown, is 4 pictures of the same scenes in her camera**

$18 MTA
Molly’s Route 66 Adventure $15.95

Released 2002
Discontinued Spring 2006

Molly’s Victory Garden Dress

Molly’s playful puppy romped through Mrs. Gilford’s Victory Garden, then jumped on Molly’s flowered dress with his muddy paws! Comes with pink satin hair ribbons.

$26 MJOS

Released 2003
Retired 2005
Molly’s Dude Ranch Outfit

Molly wears this embroidered Western-style blouse, pleated skirt, and cowboy hat when her family visits a dude ranch for a week. She takes her canteen with her when she goes out on her trail ride each morning. Includes four Molly trading cards.

$24 MKO
Released 2004

Retired 2006
Embroidered Boots

Colorful cowboy boots have embroidered flowers and bright stitching, plus a zipper in the back.

Released 2004
Retired 2006
Molly’s 1944 Swimsuit

For Molly, the beach was a place for fun in the sun! Her ruffly swimsuit and canvas espadrille shoes look just right with sunglasses and a seashell necklace. Spread out her beach towel, blow up her beach ball, and get ready to have some fun! Includes American Girl trading cards.

MYO $24
Released Summer 2005
Molly’s Beach Chair

A wooden Adirondack doll chair like Molly’s is just right for the beach.

MYA $20
Released Summer 2005

Molly’s Roller-Skating Outfit

See Molly on the go in her roller-skating clothes. Her polka-dot blouse is paired with plaid knee-length culottes. Slip on her white socks and brown loafer shoes before strapping on her skates. Don’t forget to tie her braids back in the turquoise hairbow to keep them from blowing in the breeze! Includes trading cards.

$24 MRO
Released Spring 2006

Molly’s Roller Skates

Factories stopped making metal toys during World War Two, so Molly updates her old pair of roller skates with new turquoise straps to match her outfit. Buckle the vinyl straps over her shoes and get ready to roll! Includes trading cards.

$10 MSK
Released Spring 2006

Molly’s Skating Outfit

Ice skating was as popular a pastime in Molly’s time as it is today. Prepare Molly for an afternoon at the ice rink by dressing her in a hooded jacket with snowflake embroidery and a red flannel skirt with matching underwear. Includes trading cards.

$24 MWSO

Released Fall 2006

Molly’s Skates & Muffs

New skates were a luxury during wartime, so Molly’s faux-fur-trimmed ice skates were hand-me-downs from her big sister, Jill. Don’t forget her furry earmuffs and muff to keep her ears and hands warm! Includes trading cards.

$20 MWS

Released Fall 2006

Molly's Recital Outfit

It’s a big day when Molly’s third-grade class performs for the PTA, so she wears this special outfit. Molly wants to look her best for the recital, and everything in this outfit makes her shine:
A peach satin dress with a full pleated skirt, coral velvet ribbon, and flower corsage
Cream-colored shiny shoes with matching coral ribbon bows
Cream satin ribbons to tie at the end of her braids
Also includes trading cards for girls

$24 F5722

Released Spring 2007

Molly's Percussion Set

Molly knows Emily is nervous about playing a solo at the PTA program, so she and her friends volunteer to perform as back-up (and cover-up!) musicians using the instruments in this set. Molly and her band of friends are ready to perform with these instruments:
A metal triangle and striker
A tambourine with metal jingles
A pair of cymbals that can be crashed loudly enough to hide Emily’s mistakes
Also includes trading cards for girls.

$18 F5710

Released Spring 2007

Molly's Sweater & Skirt
Item# F8461 $28

Molly wears this cheery outfit to celebrate the holidays:
A teal sweater with a wintry snowflake pattern
A matching plaid skirt
Ankle socks and saddle shoes
A pair of red hairbows for her braids

Molly's Polka-Dot Outfit
Item# T6706 $28

Molly thinks this party outfit is fit for a princess! It features: • A sateen blouse with a Peter Pan collar trimmed in lace, decorative buttons, and a pretty white sash that ties in back
• A twirly polka-dot skirt to match
• White bobby socks
• T-strap shoes with punch details

Released Jan 2011


Books and Extras For Girls

Book Covers Series 4
Paperback book $5.95 / box set $34.95
Hardcover book $12.95 / box set $74.95

Books Cover Series 3
Paperback book $5.95 / box set $34.95
Hardcover book $12.95 / box set $74.95
Story Collection $29.95

2000 Molly and the Movie Star $3.95, 2002 Molly's A+Partner $4.95, 2001 Molly Marches On $3.95
2003 Molly's Puppy Tale $4.95, 1999 Molly Takes flight $3.95

Lights! Camera! Molly! A Behind-the-Scenes Movie Guide
$9.95 92129

Molly DVD

Molly Trading Cards
$1.50 92137H

Molly's Cooking Studio

Molly’s Paper Dolls

Molly's Stationary

Molly's Route 66

Welcome To
Molly's World

Molly’s Art Studio

Have a Molly
$15.95 58893H

Meet Molly
$5.95 18x24"

Molly’s Reading
$5.95 22x34"


Short Story Collection

Paper Back $6.95
Hard Cover$10.95

Molly's Magnetic Mini World

Molly Fashion Studio

Story Collection 2

Paperback $6.95

Molly's Cook Book

Molly's Craft Book

Molly's Paper Doll's I

Molly's Theater Kit

Lanyard Kit $12

Knitting Nellie $10

Molly’s Patterns $18



Molly’s Mystery Party
$105 GPKAM

A super birthday party for super sleuths! On Halloween, Molly and her friends discover someone has treated them to a dirty trick. Will they find the prankster in time to save the day? It’s up to you and your friends to read the secret clues, crack the code, and track down the culprit. This all-in-one mystery party includes the following:
• 1 party-planning guide
• 8 invitations and envelopes

• 1 vinyl tablecloth (W: 54”, L: 108”)
• Plastic stars and dots table confetti
• 2 silver-star waterfall table decorations
• 3 rolls of crepe paper
• 3 sets of hanging paper character stars
• hat box platform
• doll stand
• doll balloon

Place settings
• 8 star placemats
• 8 sets of girl-sized dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, forks, and spoons
• 8 sets of doll-sized round plates, cups, and sporks
• 8 sets of girl-sized napkins and napkin rings (rings double as ponytail holders!)
• 8 sets of doll-sized napkins and napkin rings (rings double as ponytail holders!)

Favors & activities
• 8 sets of favor bags with ribbon handles, tissue, name tags, and sticker sheets
• 10 table talkers featuring trivia questions
• 8 compact mirrors (used to read answers on table talkers)
• 8 copies of A Spy on the Homefront: A Molly Mystery paperback book
• 1 Molly’s Mystery Party Game
• 1 party memory book

• 8 thank-you postcards


When Molly was first introduced in 1986, her glasses were a little different than the ones today. This change, which took place in the late 1990’s, is seen primarily in the ear pieces, instead of curving around behind the ear the ear pieces go straight over the top of the ear. This was done because of the variety of head molds for the dolls. For instance Molly’s glasses that curve around behind her ear do not fit on Addy who has an elongated head.
White Underwear that is sold with the Molly doll. Imterestingly, it is the same as the pair for Samantha.

Alternate Blue Ballerina also offered sometime instead of pink.

Owner: Meg V.

Underwear that came with Molly's Whites set.